The Last of 5 Flights

The last of the five flights is always the best. It's a company plane, so there's no major security checks or lineups or anything like that. 

There is usually a weight limit for suitcases...but that wasn't a problem for me since, SHOCKER, my suitcases didn't arrive. There is at least a 33% chance of this happening, so I always pack some clothes in my carryon. I also just saw that my old donated clothes that I left for pickup LAST YEAR are still here, so I won't be stuck wearing Louis'clothes until my luggage is found.

The charter is a small plane that sits maybe 15 people. I was sooooo excited to enter the waiting room because there were people that I knew!!!! 

When we land and takeoff, the pilots have to push this one lever and they kind of hold hands to do it. I always think it's the cutest thing. 

The views are usually spectacular, unless we run into some rain. There have been some pretty insane flights on the charter with crazzzzzzyyyyyyy turbulence. 

These photos were taken closer to Tamatave. I've always wanted to do a post on the charter. 

Some pretty clean water, hey? :(

A blurry photo of the plant site. 

Almost ready to land.

And we're here!!! It was soooo awesome to have Louis meet me yesterday!!!! I was a complete zombie and could barely sit up, but it was still soooooo good to be back together in person!!!

{note: this post was supposed to be uploaded Monday, but didn't for some reason}

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