To England

Well I'm at the Calgary airport. I feel like I've waited forever for this!!! 

I can't believe that I flew this far all the time. I am SO DONE with airports. SO DONE. 

I don't like flying. I don't like airports. 

But I DO like travelling. Especially when it means that I get to see Louis AND some Madagascar friends!!!!!!!!! 

I'm pretty sure I'll cry when I see them...oh well. Nothing new. 

I'm kind if dreading the flights...but trying not to pay too much attention. Here's to flying to Madasgar my first time in economy! I'm well prepared. 

1. My own socks (when flying business you get a pair) & flip flops to wear when I'm walking in the plane (ESPECIALLY the bathroom. How gross. The get tossed in a plastic bag & washed before each flight).

2. An extra blanket because my body temperature drops to an unhealthy level when I fly. 

3. A travel pillow that probably has some serious bacteria on it. 

4. Snacks from home (ok, and from the lounge). I usually don't eat suppers on the plane. 

5. Water bottle (since we don't get our own in economy).

6. Awesome Canadian keep me warm when my body temperature drops. And because, let's face it, it's super cool. 

Ok. I'm off to London! Hoping for a good experience there!!!!

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