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Road trip, Day 1

Let me share some pictures of our trip so far, from Edmonton to Regina. 

Annnnd repeat. It's all pretty flat. Add in a hill or two, but they went by so quickly I wasn't able to take a pic. 

I managed to only sleep an hour, which is nothing short of a miracle for me (I can't stay awake in the passenger seat & I'm not a lover of driving).

I looked over at Louis a few times, hardly able to beleive this scenario. Him & I, plucked from the jungle, driving across the prairies. 

And now, to make things even seem even more impossible, we're sitting on a couch in a sports bar, with ME cheering for the Colorado Avalanche. If you haven't had a chance to (& feel like it), check out any recent press junkets where the new coach, Patrick Roy, speaks. I personally kinda...well, I hated him as a player, but as a coach (minus the first week of the season or so.. ;) ), I find him inspiring and capturing like the real, old school hockey spirit. 
Goodnight from Saskatchebum!…

Tuesday in Alberta

I've been pretty quiet lately. A lot of posts in my head...but missing any desire to write them.

I thought that this whole moving thing was going ok. Until yesterday afternoon. I said goodbye to my grandparents and one aunt and was a mess. I felt like I was crying for the past twelve months of events (although I certainly have cried my fair share during the last 12 months).

Louis and I were both unprepared for the effect that this move would have on both of us. 

This is an exciting chapter in our lives, but also a scary one. Like we're getting married for the first time, but we know first hand what happens when things go wrong. 

Enough of the somber talk. This month hasn't been my favorite, even though a lot of progress has been made on so many different elements of my life. It's been a hard month, with a lot if struggles. I'll get into that later.

This morning as I try to block out the mess of boxes around me, I feel lighter about moving than I have so far. I'm jus…

Stella's Got Her Run Back

In September when I moved to Edmonton, I joined a gym because:
I had little motivation to work out but knew I needed endorphinsit was getting cold and I hadn't aclimatized to real cold
I ran a few times here and there in Edmonton, but it got cold and I injured myself, so it wasn't even an option until just recently.

Lately at the gym, I've been able to hop around and do whatever crazy shit they have us doing, with almost zero pain in my foot. The thought of running started to through my mind. Group classes are a lot of fun and very motivating (and have given me some mean muscles :-P), but there certainly was something missing.

Which brings me to today.

I can't attend any gym classes on Saturday because I volunteer, I was feeling kinda anxious, not in a great mood, and home alone (Louis has taken my car to our friend's house to fix all of the wonderful finds that Go Honda found during their "26 Point Inspection". The estimate was over $1000 and c…
Things might not be easy, things might not always be fun...but I worry way, way, way too much.

Louis is in Alberta...and my worries and well, total freakouts about all of the change in my life...well, maybe they are still there, but I feel a lot better and a lot happier about what's to come.

A REAL life in Canada. None of this expat crap. Living in a real house, together - not us both working 72 hour weeks. Spending half our time with the girls, the other half just the two of us...nearly a full month in my hometown together...

Well, worrying about everything seems like a lot of wasted energy right now.