A New Page

My brain, body, & maybe heart are worn down from trying to analyze/cope/and problem-solve all of the changes in my life lately.

The breaking point was Saturday. Endless tears, not sure what to do, not sure where to go...just the feeling of having gone through the week a complete and total mess. 

Which resulted in a killer headache, turned migraine, complete with some serious nausea. Which continued until today. 

Thankfully, I went & stayed at my grandparents' place yesterday & last night. Today I had to come home to meet with a furniture guy & I got a well-timed visit from a friend, who just sat & talked with me. I needed that more than I realized. 

Tomorrow morning, I pick Louis up from the airport...I'm nervous for this next step, but looking forward to having my partner-in-crime back to help me out & to spend some real time together. 

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