Stella's Got Her Run Back

In September when I moved to Edmonton, I joined a gym because:
  1. I had little motivation to work out but knew I needed endorphins
  2. it was getting cold and I hadn't aclimatized to real cold

I ran a few times here and there in Edmonton, but it got cold and I injured myself, so it wasn't even an option until just recently.

Lately at the gym, I've been able to hop around and do whatever crazy shit they have us doing, with almost zero pain in my foot. The thought of running started to through my mind. Group classes are a lot of fun and very motivating (and have given me some mean muscles :-P), but there certainly was something missing.

Which brings me to today.

I can't attend any gym classes on Saturday because I volunteer, I was feeling kinda anxious, not in a great mood, and home alone (Louis has taken my car to our friend's house to fix all of the wonderful finds that Go Honda found during their "26 Point Inspection". The estimate was over $1000 and complete bullshit. I can't beleive I'm saying this now....but thankfully, Louis has a love of cars - and thus fix a lot of stuff).

I opened up the iPhone app "Ease into 10k" and thought...ok...maybe I'll give it a try. It sounded easy.

  • Walk five minutes
  • Run 3 minutes; Walk 1 minute (Repeat five times)
  • Walk five minutes

Initial plan: Run all of it, jog slower during the "walk" minutes.

Revised plan: What the hell am I trying to prove? I'm using the "Ease into 10k" app, why am I kill myself? I put my phone in my pocket, didn't pay attention to time or pace, and just ran when it told me to run and walk when it told me to walk.

It was challenging. (Although my ankle felt GREAT!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!)

It also made me seriously consider training (casually) for a 10k race. I've only ever committed to running half-marathon distances (21k), where running becomes your entire life...and kind of takes some of the enjoyment out of it. So, why not a 10k? 

In the "old days" when training for longer distances, I focused so much on time, speed work, making sure I get enough mileage in and getting this type of run done this day and that type of run done that day, but how about I stop giving a shit, and just run when the app tells me to run and walk when the all tells me to walk?

This way sounds A LOT more fun and A LOT less work.

Why fuss around with time/splits/pace, etc. Am I trying to be a marathon runner? Am I trying to run competitively? I already know, that when it comes down to it, I my body can do almost anything. I climed a 4500m mountain in Africa with NO training. I have cycled hundreds of kilometers in a few days. I am a beast in my gym classes.

Drop the competition already.

  1. I love the feeling of running.
  2. I love the one-on-one shrink session that I get from it (and let's face it, I need all the shrink sessions I can get at this point, and this one's free!).

So, How about...doing a 10k Fun Run? For FUN?

Coincidentally, my youngest step-daughter (it warms my heart and makes me smile that I get to write that) is thinking about training for a 10k. It's possible we could run a race together (not side by side, because she's a freaking beast, but run in the same race) and I think that would be pretty cool. (Which, in theory, makes it very uncool to a teenager, but the ones I have are generally pretty spectacular so who knows).

I haven't felt this light in quite some time. I'm dealing with a lot of adjustments, and I'm not always able to deal, which kind of results in a lot of ups and downs. Maybe more downs than ups. I'd really like to bring running into my life again.

I totally forgot just how amazing it can feel to run, outside, in the sun. Hopefully that can help bring some more sun into my spirit as well!