Tuesday in Alberta

I've been pretty quiet lately. A lot of posts in my head...but missing any desire to write them.

I thought that this whole moving thing was going ok. Until yesterday afternoon. I said goodbye to my grandparents and one aunt and was a mess. I felt like I was crying for the past twelve months of events (although I certainly have cried my fair share during the last 12 months).

Louis and I were both unprepared for the effect that this move would have on both of us. 

This is an exciting chapter in our lives, but also a scary one. Like we're getting married for the first time, but we know first hand what happens when things go wrong. 

Enough of the somber talk. This month hasn't been my favorite, even though a lot of progress has been made on so many different elements of my life. It's been a hard month, with a lot if struggles. I'll get into that later.

This morning as I try to block out the mess of boxes around me, I feel lighter about moving than I have so far. I'm just happy we are leaving tomorrow to start the next chapter of my/our life. 

And I know I'll be back soon for a visit. 


  1. Hi Guys,

    You think you were a mess. You should have seen your Grandparents. Our best wishes go with you and Louis for a good move and a happy start to the next phase of your lives. I know your both trying very hard and I know it is bound to work for you in the future.

    Go with God and drive very carefully. Enjoy your holiday.

    We love you.
    Grandma and Grandpa


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