Adventures in Cooking - I

Even thought I've been back in Canada for nearly a year, my living circumstances have been all over the place. Prior to that, I had ALL my meals planned out for me. Might be nice for some...but I actually like cooking and I liked coming up with ideas of what to eat.

That something died in Madagascar. I can't think of anything to cook. I eat weird combinations of foods, super super easy meals, prepared food, and a lot of eating out.

I'm not happy with my eating regime...or my weight. And while I'm reading and researching  different ways of eating, it all comes down to the same - there has to be some kind of order.

I've tried meal planning for months. I've failed more than I've succeeded. I looked on-line about ready-made meal plans...but never found anything affordable or that interested me.

Louis had mentioned before, and I thought about it, but it ended there.

Now that we are both back in Canada, have the girls some of the time, and need some kind of order in our lives, I decided to subscribe for one month of meal planning. For $9, I get meal plans for 85% of what goes into my mouth, plus a grocery list, what stores have what items on sale, and  my "action plan" (ie: when can I prepare things ahead of time or what day I should do what).

Today we started with the grocery shopping. Some of the grocery stores listed for savings were unfamiliar to us, and we needed some extras anyway, so we headed to Costco. After that, I dropped Louis off to work on our long "Welcome Back to Real Life" To-Do List and went to Provigo by myself. I also kinda wanted to ditch him so that I could do the smaller items list by myself and attempt to familiarize myself with some of the grocery stores. It makes a pretty big difference when you're working off an English grocery list in a French province.
I only had to Google translate once...
It seems silly that going grocery shopping is something big enough for me to blog about, but it is. Firstly, my FRENCH SUCKS. I stopped talking French completely for at least six months. It's going to take some time for it all to come back and in the meantime....I find myself asking people to repeat themselves a lot or even not understanding the basics of the conversation. Everyone has been really nice about it but until I start "thinking" in French more often, it's a challenge.
Also, it was nice to be comfortable enough in my "new" home to be able to get to the grocery store ALMOST not using the GPS and navigate around and be independent. I love the guy, but Louis and I have essentially spent 24/7 together for at least the last two weeks, and having some time to slowly walk up and down the aisles at the grocery store was...well, maybe not fun, but enjoyable. Ok, that sounds super nice. "I look forward to getting the groceries so that I can have a break from my husband...". Ooops.
Next on the SOS Cuisine Regime was to prep as much stuff as I could for the next seven days. Our kitchen was a mild disaster but only for an hour or so.

I spent about the next two or two and a half hours preparing meals for the week. I made doubles of some so that they could be frozen, and I quickly learned that I would be making MUCH more changes to next week's plan. Some of the steps were tedious and time consuming and I didn't find that they were worth the effort. But I'm not complaining. I have meals planned or meal ideas for every day of the week -  with a lot of wiggle room if one kid shows up a different day than the other kid. Every meal (lunch and supper) will require 10-30 minutes to make, depending on the day. Between the two of us (either me and Louis or me and one of the girls), I think that's pretty easy.
Tomorrow's lunch is roasted red pepper soup (already made), egg salad sandwich (modified to just be an egg with bread), salad, pear, and yogurt. (I don't think this happens in one sitting...)
Tomorrow's supper is Blackened Talapia Fillets (spice rub prepared), roasted brocoli, basmati rice, and pineapple/ginger ice cream (which will we drop. I don't see us having desert every night, more having fruit later on in the evening).
Other meals include Beef Stroganoff (an awesome recipe that I made tonight), Salad Nicoise, Quinoa and Arugula Salad, and Braised Chicken with Vegetables.
I have a feeling that next week's meal plan, we'll cut out a lot more and do a lot more shopping of what's on sale, but I'm excited to see how the week goes!

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  1. Yum yum, I think I'm moving to your house. xoxo