Cooking Update

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about our family's subscription to SOS CUISINE. It's sort of cheap ($9/month) and literally planned out every single morsel of food we'd put in our mouth, with the accompanied grocery list.

I'm not going to lie, we spent a SHITLOAD of money on groceries each week (like $400), but we've also spent roughly $20 eating out (ok...that doesn't include nights we've had Dairy Queen for desert, which is usually once a week). 

Most of that money spent has been to build up our pantry and freezer, which before, had basically nothing. Now we have quite a few spices, oils, a freezer full of beef, chicken, and sausage, as well as the regular stuff that one needs to just throw something together last minute.

For the first two weeks, it's been great. I made a lot of changes the second week because we found that it was too much planning and we needed less structure We don't need planned meals for breakfast, we need unplanned days to account for leftovers, and we don't need to have a desert (even if it's fruit) at each meal.

I think it's been pretty amazing. One recipe per week usually takes 45 minutes or so and the rest are ready well under 30 minutes, and everyone knows what we are having for supper, or we have if we need to throw something together.  

Lunches were planned for the first week and a half, but now it's kind of a free-for-all. We see what we have for leftovers or make a salad and add in whatever extras we want. It's almost like we're a functioning family, food-wise. During the day, Laurie is usually home for lunch, but Claudie won't be until end of June. 

The best is that last night Laurie made supper AND she's prepped everything for tonight based on some help from me and what we still had in the fridge. (When I got home I found out that she changed the recipe even more to include some almost-expiring items!)

Also making things a GAZILLION times easier is making a HUGE batch of soup every week. The soup changes from week to week, but is consists of mainly vegetables. Sometimes it's puréed, (which is much easier than I thought), sometimes it's not. The flavours vary from week to week, but when we are stuck and hungry, throwing a big bowl of soup in the microwave, along side with some meat or cold meat/salad has pretty much kept us all on track. It's amazing how empty our fridge looks on grocery day compared to the end of the week! We really eat ALL of the food that we buy. It's nice to know that we're not throwing all that money away!

My next step will be slowly changing the way that we eat. Right now we can't afford to eat as local or organic as I'd like (plus a grocery shopping trip can sometimes take me over an hour because I'm busy translating things and I don't know the layout of any of the new-to-me grocery stores, so I'm not going to increase that time searching even harder to locate the items) but summer has arrived and I plan on being a farmer's market visitor. 

Quebec is also famous for their dairy, so I'd like to see what options are available for grass-fed cow products. Because of the long winters, cows cannot be grass fed year-round, but I've been doing a lot of reading about the benefits of consuming grass-fed products as much as possible.  (I'm also eliminating cow's milk from my diet and I hope to eliminate cow's milk yogurt as well (more on that on another post).)

I'm finding cooking and eating a very interesting subject lately!

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  1. Sounds very much like your getting a really good handle of life at home with your little family. Woooo Hoooooo. love g@gxoxo