For the last month or so, I've been having spectacular dreams. I've been known to talk from time to time in my sleep, but with this dreams, it's a few times a week. Last night, I had a crazy party.

All night long I dreamt that it was Christmas, I exchanged gifts with all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, mom, grandpa and grandpa in an apartment that my grandparents used to live in. Then later, we had a crazy New Year's Eve party, followed by grandparents helping me move, followed by a family garage sale. It was the best time ever. It was also one of those dreams where for the first few seconds after waking up, you forget that it wasn't real.

I forgot that I live far away from my mom and grandparents. And that my grandpa is sick.

I slept in wayyyyy past my alarm. I woke up extraordinarily groggy feeling like I had a night out dancing and drinking.

I had a good cry when I woke up. I've had a couple of moments where I've cried for a few minutes (one of them while running which was extremely awkward). But nothing major. This surprises me, since I think I cry more than the average person.

I've been feeling so good lately...I forgot that I'm going to have to go through the whole "homesick" phase again. I went through it in Madagascar, where I cried nearly every single night for a LONG time. It then became manageable, where the missing was still as intense, but didn't take up as much energy and I accepted it as fact.

None the less, I still feel good here.

Last night I helped oldest step-daughter with her English homework (this was an experience for me and I found myself struggling a bit - finding a balance of how much to help her and how much to get her to do the work) and in mere minutes, one of my very favorite dogs will be in my lap. I haven't seen her really since the week that we went camping, back in July of last year.

Meanwhile....I think it's about time I find myself a job, hey?

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  1. Oh Nicole, you are sounding so normal. I hope your doing as well as you sound. I really want everything to be normal and good for you. Keep on dreaming. Love Grandma