Le Weekend

Yesterday we left Sainte Thérèse to drive to Quebec City. Most of Louis' family lives there and there was a birthday celebration for Louis' mom. 

Even though two brothers and their respective families were missing, it was so nice. It filled a certain void that I feel not being near my extended family. 

It's funny, I might not have seen all my family that often, just knowing that I could was a feeling that I really liked. And that miss. Last night reinforced that I have a family here. No, it's not the same as mine, but the warmth and laughter that I miss is pretty darn close. I felt myself get emotional a few times and I'm certainly not sure of myself all of the time, but the good moments were far more than the insecure moments. 

Every so often I go through these phases where everything feels incredibly surreal. This is one of them. I can't grasp that I've been in Quebec for just over two weeks. It certainly isn't easy transitioning, but having weekends with the Quebec family certainly helps. 

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