Road trip, Day 1

Let me share some pictures of our trip so far, from Edmonton to Regina. 

Annnnd repeat. It's all pretty flat. Add in a hill or two, but they went by so quickly I wasn't able to take a pic. 

I managed to only sleep an hour, which is nothing short of a miracle for me (I can't stay awake in the passenger seat & I'm not a lover of driving).

I looked over at Louis a few times, hardly able to beleive this scenario. Him & I, plucked from the jungle, driving across the prairies. 

And now, to make things even seem even more impossible, we're sitting on a couch in a sports bar, with ME cheering for the Colorado Avalanche. If you haven't had a chance to (& feel like it), check out any recent press junkets where the new coach, Patrick Roy, speaks. I personally kinda...well, I hated him as a player, but as a coach (minus the first week of the season or so.. ;) ), I find him inspiring and capturing like the real, old school hockey spirit. 

Goodnight from Saskatchebum! 

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