So it turns out that I get purrrrrrdy cranky after about 5 hours or so of driving. Like, small-child-cranky.

Thankfully, my foot has healed and the temperatures are nice, so my husband pulls over to the next town and throws me out if the car and forces me to run. 

Yesterday around 7pm or so, I was getting that antsy-crankalicious feeling again, so Louis proposed, then maybe insisted that I get out and run. Bless his heart. It took us an extra hour to get to where we were going, but we're on vacation, baby, so it doesn't really matter!

I feel so much better after a quick run. (I'm still using the Bluefin app, Ease into 10km. Just started week 3)

Towns I've ran in so far:

•Brandon, Manitoba

•Melrose, Minnesota 

Today we're in Minneapolis, spending the afternoon doing a 3-4 hour historic tour on bikes. We're staying about 20 minutes outside of the downtown core, mainly due to purposeful lack of planning. We are booking our hotels & plans last minute, just 'cause we can.

I know there's the whole "Mall of America" thing here...& it seems like a shame not to at least see it. But I'm not sure if it's in the cards. I guess we'll see after our Minneapolis history tour. 

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