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I'm back at the mechanics today. The inspection led to some not awesome news (but minor really) and luckily enough they were able to get me in the next day (but Louis took my car home first in hopes that he could fix it).

Louis had previous plans so that meant that I had to drive myself. I didn't love driving in Edmonton and driving in the Montreal area isn't exactly a fun experience for me. It's a much more aggressive (ahem *cough* asshole) environment and it there is construction (that seems to change too fast for the GPS to keep track of), so I took along my pal, Maggie. I'm scared of driving and she's scared of everything, so she can totally relate. ;). She is truly one of those cool dogs that is super low maintenance, as far as dogs go. Yes, she'll bark ask permission to get into her cage and yes, she'll harass you until you change her water dish because there is a hair (her own) or spec of dirt (real or imaginary). This is pretty annoying, but as far as dogs go, she's pretty awesome.

She was calm the entire drive here (about 1.5 hours) and made it REALLY obvious when she needed a break, so there were no inside-the-car accidents. 

Since arriving at the mechanics (nearly two hours ago), she's been pretty calm, stayed out of everyone's way, and has been super curious of everything going on around her, which is surprising, since normally she jumps when the phone rings. 

Since I'm bored (and my last post was depressing) here are some pics of my loyal (and very patient) pal.

We went for a walk and she found a place that sells dog houses. She picked her favorite.

And was then very thirsty. This is actually a huge accomplishment for Maggie because she's scared of water containers (I'm serious). She's seriously starting to improve in all scaredy-cat areas. She didn't flinch once at the mechanics and there were some serious loud noises!

She was pretty much at home near the end. All dirty and laying on the shop floor like she's the boss. 

Well, after nearly two hours of traffic driving, we made it home. I went for a run to try to chillllllll out. 

Maggie is exhausted (and so am I) and is currently doing this goofy thing with her paws that puppies do to help milk their mothers while she sucks on her favorite toy on Louis' lap, which is pretty much how she ends every night.

For those non dog-lovers (or maybe been dog lovers), I'm sure I come off as a bit of a dog crazy lady, but she is sooooo sweet and makes such a big difference in my life. Adapting to a new place without my friends or family (or one of my families, since I have Louis' family) is sometimes more emotional than I'd like, and to have man, errrr, woman's best friend around when I'm not at my best is one if the best things ever. 

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