6 week challenge

Hello again.

I haven't had the best couple of days lately. Sometimes my brain just works TOO much and I forget to take a step back, remember that I'm dealing with some big changes, and that things will take time.

Last night I went to bed feeling pretty lonely, pretty homesick, pretty tired of Le Francais, and pretty cranky. It's great that Louis and I are here together and can finally give a domestic life, but we need friends too. Something that I don't have here (yet). I need to do a better job of keeping in contact with my Edmonton friends...which I haven't been doing like, at all.

Anyway, even though I've been a bit blue, last night we had a few hours of pure hilarity. Claudie had brought up the idea of having an "English Night" where everyone must speak English. Wow. First, they are all really good at speaking English, and second, they are really good at speaking slang/trash talk. Obviously I haven't set the best example.

Normally, I'd cringe if I heard a 16 year old say, "Mother F8cker" at the supper table...but...when it comes out of this tiny cute thing that doesn't truly understand the vulgarity...it's PRETTY hard not to pee myself laughing.

Moving on.

I've decided to do a little investment in myself. I've been trying to lose weight for like, ever, and I've decided that I need a little outside help. I've signed up for an on-line program, created by a personal trainer (that's all like certified and that kinda important junk). I've read this lady's blog for awhile and after taking now TWO weeks off from high impact activity AND having some serious crappy nighttime eats, I figured it couldn't hurt.

I currently log most of my food on My Fitness Pal on my phone, but I kind of half pay attention to it. I also used to work out really intensely, way out of my heart rate's zone, do too much of one thing, and see little benefits. Now, Miss Jessica will log on every night onto my account at My Fitness Pal, see what I've been eating, help me out a bit with some tips (she's already given me some great ones for my nighttime hunger monster!!) and she'll also send me a 5 day/week strength training program, that will take about 30 minutes/day. I'll be responsible for getting in 4 days of cardio/week, but we're talking like 20-30 minutes. Not 45 minutes of hill running or a crazy intense fitness class. Eventually, yes, I'd like to go back to running longer, etc, but for now, I want to start from the basics and learn how to work out smarter - so that I'll lose weight AND so that I won't risk injuring myself. She'll also email/text/call me daily...and I'll take progress pictures and measurements every 2 weeks. I'll be doing this for six weeks, with the intentions of taking away a lot of information that I can continue to use.

So, I'll be working my ass off for the next six weeks, I think it will be crazy hard, but healthy hard. I'm excited about the strength workouts because this year I started using hand weights and I started to see some arm definition like, RIGHT away, so that was encouraging.

I posted my "BEFORE" photo on Instgram, but I think I'll save them and post the "AFTER" photos to show the difference that six Weeks can make.

I'm really looking forward to a long-term approach to this weight loss thing. But even more, I'm looking to be strong and fit and HEALTHY!!!!

So, this week has kinda sucked, but it looks like it will end on a high note. I'm going to get my hair cut (by a reputable home business - which means like CHEAP DEALS!!!), tomorrow I'm going to a friend's house AND I HAVEN'T SEEN HIM FOR A YEAR!!!, and then it's the weekend. Yay.

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  1. Good luck with your new program. Don't overwork yourself and remember your best is really good enough. Have a happier eek. Talk to you soon. Love gram xo