Le Weekend

We don't have a set schedule for the girls yet (the end of year exams complicate the matter), but we basically have them the entire week for the month of June. This kind of helps me with my transitioning to life with teenagers...but on the weekends they go back to their mom's place...and I'm not so sure Louis and I know how to hang out together.

Last week when both girls were gone during the day, we were BORED!!! It was cold and raining and there's only so much of chilling out and lovin' that can happen...so Louis came up with the idea to make cupcakes. So we made cupcakes.

Normally there are a gazillion festivals, but it's not really the season for it yet. Closer to the end of June every day there will be a music/comedy/arts festival of some kind, some where. But for now...this weekend...we got bored.

Saturday was a day of errands. Errands take us longer. Especially me. I keep writing my grocery list in English, which then means I have to do a Google Translate in the middle of the store. Did you to tarragon is estragon? I didn't. These aren't words that I ever would have used. Also...the layout of the grocery store is totally different...I have to go down each aisle...and GOD FORBID if I can't find anything. I just don't buy it. I look for it forever and then just try another store. I have NO IDEA what's wrong with me why I don't ASK SOMEONE THAT WORKS THERE, but for some reason I feel like with my accent, they'll think that I'm asking for chocolate-covered-pickled-fish or something. I totally need to get over my Fear of Sucky French Syndrome (FSFS) and act like I would in Alberta or anywhere else in the world really....baby steps...I guess.

Back to our weekend boredom. Saturday - all day errands with a Starbucks stop. Wow, I'm so happy (but so sad) that we live far from an SB!! I haven't been since Niagara Falls and I save soooooo much money!!!!!! Saturday night there was hockey and I had to get up early for my yoga studio work.

I'm very excited to write that I work four hours a week for all-you-can-yoga. A yoga class is $17. I bought a package where classes were $15 each...but that's a lot of $$$$$. So...when I saw the Service Exchange program, I was pumped! I get to practice my French, maybe meet people, work, and get paid in unlimited yoga classes! That's awesome because I don't have unlimited savings!!!

Today I focused on pilate machines. My goodness.
This looks like some kind of torture machine!! It was impossible to clean...and there were 8 of them in total, I think. Phew!!! I stayed 3 hours and had planned on taking a yoga class afterwards, but after cleaning so much hair and skin...I needed a quick shower and a change of clothes. I'll note that for next time!
After Louis came home from the gym, I was going stir crazy. THANKFULLY, he came up with the idea to go to the nature centre in Laval, which is very close to us. There isn't much to do but walk around, but we thought it would be nice.
Louis and I were walking around, it was really, really busy, parking was $7 (we parked farther and walked) and we couldn't figure out what was going on. Louis casually mentioned that he was surprised how many people of Islamic faith there were in Laval, as we passed by quite a few Arabic women dressed in saris (I don't think that's the right word...but ya know what I mean? The very long dressed that cover one's arms and head). He didn't realize that there were so many in this area. Then we hear some music and see the signs that it was the 3rd Annual Arabic Youth/Children's Festival. We were certainly the outsiders! I immediately thought of my shorts and tank top that I was wearing and thought back to my days in Turkey or Morocco and wondered if what I was wearing was appropriate!!
We walked a bit and looked around, but it was a bit too busy and there were wayyyyyy too many kids, given that this was after all, a children's festival.

Anyway, we're still in a bit of a weird life situation. Every member of our household is job hunting, some more urgently than others. Louis and I aren't working, but we both feel like we should be doing something, so we busy ourselves with errands and cleaning and organizing (ok...maybe me a bit more on the cleaning and organizing)...and well, we kinda don't have a life. Like a, "Get Up, Go To Work, Come Home, Family Time, Eat Supper, Chores, Hobby, Bed" life. So it gets interesting. Or...rather the opposite. It can get kinda boring.
(I forgot to mention that Louis' hot rod is in the shop. This is very, very sad news as Louis was looking forward to this FOREVER and especially sad now that it's very nice outside. Hopefully he'll get it back this week....I think he misses his baby). (I will never understand the car fascination).
But it's temporary AND the girls are back AND we have a friend in town AND we're together AND we're healthy...so really, all is well.

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