Quebec Life Update - To Do List

It's been forever since I just sat down and wrote an update of what's going on. I guess living the Canadian life is a little less exciting than living the Expat life. Or...maybe not? The last year or so of the Expat life was pretty blah (apart from the travelling) (ok, and having a job) (and a cool boss). (Okay, maybe it wasn't that blah after all).

In no particular order (well...maybe except #1), here's my current Life To Do List
  1. Find a job
  2. Plan Meals
  3. Work Out
  4. Adapt to Quebec Life
  5. Do whatever I can to be happy
  6. Lose Weight

1. Find a Job
I have a job interview today (interview #2!!!) for a company that I really, really want to work for. Of course I have questions about the role...and I'm not hired, but if the role is what I think it is, I really, really want this job.

Otherwise, I have a potential interview and another position sort-of-but-not-really in the interview process (I'll explain later) going on. Not too much action.

2. Plan Meals
I took a one week break from this and I really didn't like it. Everything feels more organised when I know what I'm going to eat for supper and lunch and I eat a lot healthier too.

3 Work Out
Urgh. I have almost no issue to have motivation to work out...but I really did a number on myself over the last few months running with old runners. I took a 2 week break and just did yoga...and then went back and tried things out again.

I joined an on-line boot camp just over a week ago and I've been doing that and I've stopped running totally because my knees are not doing so great. No running and nothing crazy high impact for awhile.

I just found out that all outdoor city pools have FREE entry, so I'm going to take up the dreaded pool running. I have no idea how long it will last...but it's worth a try. I'm also in the process of trying to get the credits that I purchased for aerobics only towards a gym membership...which I'd use to cycle (indoors.....this kills me!!) and use some weight machines to work out all of the muscles around the hopes of helping them recover.

The online boot camp thing is kind of a let down. I thought there would be A LOT more interaction one-on-one (it was described that way), but there's been very little. I'm not terribly happy with it. I see that there are good intentions, but really it's a small business starting from it's not going to be perfect. I'm trying to just make it through to the end to at least say that I could commit to something for six weeks, even with the modifications I'm making for my knee.

Overall, I have to rest more...which in times of stress is STRESSFUL...but my old body doesn't do everything that I want it to I have to chill out.

4. Adapt to Quebec Life
Well, some days it's a pass on this. My French is obviously getting better....but I still struggle a lot. I can't just pick up the phone and go and see whoever, the driving is RIDICULOUS, and I'm kind of living in my own little bubble. I work at the yoga studio 2x/week for a couple of hours, but it's not exactly social hour there, ya know? It's supposed to be all super quiet before/after/during yoga classes, so I doubt I'll make any friends via that route. (I need that job that I just wrote about!!!!!)

I guess it really is a day at a time...and I have to take the small victories (like finally getting my blender out of storage!!) as they come.

6. Lose Weight
I'm skipping #5 for a minute. Losing weight has now become more of a priority. I feel better when I'm eating better...and I've been eating good some days, horrible some other days....while still learning about the health benefits of eating certain foods. Especially since I have sore knees, the number on the scale has to go down. I gained weight since I've been in Quebec and I need to focus on being healthy. Losing weight is part of that. Which brings me to #5.

5. Do whatever I can to be happy
In the past few months, I've reconciled with my husband (YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!), moved across the country, moved in with my hubby (good, but also a big change), moved in with 2 teenagers (who are pretty awesome, but again a big change), and am trying to find a job. So the stress is there. I know I'll never have a zero stress life...but right now...I could use a break from it. But this time I can't run off and take a vacation...I'm stuck here, trying to do whatever it is I can to deal with the stress and take the small happy moments whenever they occur. I feel like I'm always making lists of things to do that will give me JOY because it's easy to get lost in all of the changes and forget that I can experience some kind of happiness....even if it's just playing with the goofy dog....
So...I'm trying to just accept that this isn't the most relaxing time in my life...and trying to make sure that I get in something every day that makes me feel good...

For the rest of the week...well, I hope that it goes smoothly (whatever that means). I hope Louis's summer car gets out of the shop (it's been in there since APRIL!!!!!!!!!!!), and well...I hope this interview goes well and I get this job.

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