I'm still going through my "I hate French". I'm still speaking it most of the time (today when an insurance broker called speaking English but he was so hard to understand that I started to reply in French), still around it most of the time...it's just all around me and it isn't going anywhere.

I usually understand what's going on, but I miss the subtleties that really make up the entire conversation or whatever is going on. I'll stop and ask for clarification (unless I'm at a grocery store!!!), but it's sometimes...well, I'm just kinda going through a phase where I'm easily frustrated, which isn't helping me. I go to our room sometimes to watch something on-line rather than hang out with everyone if something French is on. I find at the end of the day, I'm just tired of asking for clarification, and sometimes my frustration gets the best of me and I give up instead of saying, "Hey guys, I don't know what the hell is going on so can we watch something in English?" (I've found that there are quite a few TV shows in English with French subtitles.) I think that I don't always communicate my total and complete brain mush when it comes to French sometimes.

It's also kind of confusing, because I take aerobics and yoga classes in French and almost always know what's going on. I get insurance quotes and talk to the agent and we can easily communicate with each other. 

I know I've had a long break from speaking French and it will take me some time to get back into the swing of things...but...man. I'm ready for it.

Speaking of the swing of things...I've pretty much settled in at my local yoga studio. I've decided I'll take another week off from running or any aerobics courses, so being able to come and go and feel (almost) comfortable is very nice!

But I made a big oops and spoke mega sucky French. I arrived at the studio and the receptionist wasn't someone that I met before, so I said what I thought meant, "Hi, I'm Nicole, I am one of the people that does the "Exchange for Service" program".

Instead I said, "Hi, I'm Nicole, I'm a swinger". With a big stupid smile on my face.

Obviously, the very nice (grandma-aged) receptionist figured that I was anglophone and didn't correct me...or really even flinch (that I noticed) and figured out what I was trying to say. Thankfully.

Until next time. French sucks.

{Update: I asked to watch English only TV tonight, to which Claudie then suggested that we should have English-only speaking nights. I'm not sure it'll ever happen...but it's super cute none-the-less.}

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