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Sadly, I don't have any pictures from last night, but it was quite an event. Claudie, my youngest step-daughter, was nominated for an award at her school. Every year they have an "Excellence Awards" ceremony. She struggled in earlier years getting the marks that she wanted and finally this year, after putting her incredibly demanding cheer leading on the back burner and working her tiny ass off, she's getting the marks (and recognition) that she deserves.

Initially there was a tiny bit of controversy because each nominee is only allowed to invite 3 people, and her mom, sister, and dad, obviously have precedence over me. Thankfully, Louis was able to talk to the right person at school, explain our situation, and get me a ticket. I would have been happy to celebrate with her in any way, but being at the ceremony was a much better way.

Unfortunately, she didn't win, but when I heard about all of the absolutely incredibly amazing students (who rank highly across Canada and even the world in some cases for their sports, arts, or academic achievements), I truly think it is an honour just to be nominated.

The evening was fun...and I didn't feel out of place. This is a big deal to me...I'm already kind of the outsider to begin with, and although no one ever treats me this way, I don't have the 12 years of history that they all have together, pre-me. I'm probably a little sensitive to it too, I don't want to be too intrusive and I'm not always sure of myself. (Well, I should clarify that everyone here is a lot smaller and shorter, so when I first arrived, I felt out of place because I'm a freaking giant here, and a few people stared...). I was happy to be there, all of us together.

The afternoon/evening started off with the two sisters plus one school-friend getting their best outfits on for the night. I only have one best outfit unpacked, so it was pretty easy for me. Fashion shows, makeup, burning hair, and the frustrations that come along with not being able to decide exactly what looks the best then ensued. I often hate getting ready for a fancy event because always at the last minute, there's something that just doesn't quite look right (but only to me) and I have to go through everything to find what does look right, so that I feel comfortable through the night. I know that every girl/woman goes through this...I was just so happy that it wasn't me this time.

We ate supper together then drove off to meet up with the girls' mom. We met at the school, sat in the gym, decorated all pretty and thematic for the night. It was a pretty surreal feeling...being in a school gym. For anyone not observant, there's an age difference between Louis and I, and I felt really, really, really young. Most people there were in their late forties or even fifties, and here I am, feeling like this little kid, but watching my youngest step-daughter and her peers, all trying to look like adults in their fancy dresses and jewelery (and heels!! I have no idea how there wasn't an ankle twisting casualty!), winning awards and being recognised for their incredible talents and hard work.

It also made me think back to my high school years. Everyone is so full of excitement and wonder. Finishing high school feels like the biggest deal in the entire world. An ending chapter to your book of childhood years...with a new, blank book ready and waiting for you. I can see why it's exciting and I can see why it's scary!

I've been having a rough couple of weeks. I'm frustrated by my impatience to adapt to everything new...I'm frustrated by my lack of understanding and ability to communicate in French, I'm frustrated that my CV is apparently very impressive, yet I haven't had any bites from my one recruiter (I met her a week ago...). So having last night was a pretty big deal to me. We all felt like a family and things felt natural and almost easy. Ok, so at the end of the night my brain was TOTALLY fried from trying to understand two full hours of French in all kinds of different accents, but even then I was happy that I was able to follow and I have a gazillion questions about tenses and grammar to ask Louis today, now that my brain is a little refreshed.

This post is a little all over the place....as I am. The ups and downs that go along with unemployment, moving cities, adapting to step-families and another culture, well, it has me going a bit crazy sometimes. On top of it all, this week I'm taking it easy (ie: no running or gym classes) because my legs have been hurting due to old runners that I used too much. I've been going to yoga classes to get in some activity...but it's not the same as going outside and running. Ok. That's this week's update.

I'm off to go for some volunteer training at the yoga studio this morning. Hopefully that will keep me busy until I can find a job!

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  1. Congratulations Claudie. Keep your chin up and your head above water. It will happen soon. Can I have your old runners please.Love G@Gxoxo