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5, 6, or 7 Week Bootcamp

Just over a month ago, I wrote a post about me joining a 6 week online bootcamp. Well, the six weeks are up as of Sunday...but I've only managed to do five weeks worth of workouts. I'm debating giving up the last week....but I don't want to give up, even if it means I'm a week behind.

I've seen some physical changes, I've noticed a significant difference in strength (burpees anyone? I can now do them with a push-up included with ease. That's a toe push-up, not even an "on my knees" push-up!), but failed to see any results on the scale. 

Sometimes I'm pretty bummed about that (ok, A LOT of the time), but others...I'm indifferent. Yup, I need to lose weight. But...if I'm making healthy changes to my diet, excercising, while going through a fairly erratic time in my life...does it matter THAT much? Well, sometimes yes. Other times I think I have my overall well being to take into account...and then it doesn't seem like the end of the wo…
I have quite a few posts in "Draft" mode...but they never quite make to be published. Mainly cause I think they are kind of on the complainy side...and I think the world has enough complaints. And life is super, super, super boring.

I'm thankful we have the girls 2 out of every 4 weeks, super thankful we have a dog that continues to confuse/frustrate/amuse us, and thankful that we're slowly learning how to live in Quebec, with one another. We are both far from where we want to be but I'm leaning that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. For now. 
Job wise - aih. I don't expect a lot of action for the next couple of summer months. It sucks. 'Cause, if there's one thing that I really know? I'm good at my job. I'm not being cocky or anything...and those who know me know I'm super hard on myself and don't often give myself a compliment. But I'm good at my job....and I could be fixing tons of problems for a plethora of comp…

Quebec Life - To Do List II

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post with a general update on Le Quebec, with my general "To Do List".

To Do List remains as:
Find a jobPlan MealsWork OutAdapt to Quebec LifeDo whatever I can to be happyLose Weight
1. Find a Job real update on this one. I was waiting for a call back for a final interview with one company, but they decided they would go another route with another candidate. Part of me is kinda bummed...the other part of me thinks I was just ready to take the first job that may have been offered... I'm still on the job hunt, I've had a couple phone calls but nothing has materialised. I'm not really expecting a lot of activity in this area for the rest of July. It's holiday time and well, there just isn't anything out there right now.

One new news on this front to report is...I'm sick of talking about it and if asked, I probably won't say much. It's boring.

2. Plan Meals

Well, I'm getting better on this. I'm not f…

Oh Queeeebecccc

In honor of Canada Day, I thought I'd write a post about some Quebec facts that I've discovered during my short time here that I find kinda odd.


I've written about this before. But the Slurpees (7-11) or Frosters (Mac's) that one can normally get just do not exist here. There are some "slush" like drinks, but they come in flavors like cherry, grape, or something neon-looking, and are extremely sweet...and just don't have that same texture. It's like...soooo frustrating. Yesterday, it was +31*C, which doesn't include the humidity factor that brought it up another 7*C to 38*C. I actually like the heat (because we have central air conditioning and I can escape from time to time), would be nice to have a normal slurpee from time to time.


This is the Quebec version of Canada Day. ALL STORES, including grocery stores are closed. There are fireworks and celebrations and all kinds of Quebecie goodness. This li…