I have quite a few posts in "Draft" mode...but they never quite make to be published. Mainly cause I think they are kind of on the complainy side...and I think the world has enough complaints. And really...my life is super, super, super boring.

I'm thankful we have the girls 2 out of every 4 weeks, super thankful we have a dog that continues to confuse/frustrate/amuse us, and thankful that we're slowly learning how to live in Quebec, with one another. We are both far from where we want to be but I'm leaning that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. For now. 

Job wise - aih. I don't expect a lot of action for the next couple of summer months. It sucks. 'Cause, if there's one thing that I really know? I'm good at my job. I'm not being cocky or anything...and those who know me know I'm super hard on myself and don't often give myself a compliment. But I'm good at my job....and I could be fixing tons of problems for a plethora of companies right now...but so beit, it's not how it's working out right now...

Louis' on the hunt and has more connections than I do (like...maybe 15 years worth ;)), but he wants to choose something that will be a long term decision.

As far as our day-to-day life...well, we make do with what we have. We take small trips with the Beetle here and there to go for a drink or (or a Perrier, more often for me) on a patio. Tomorrow we're going to Ontario for a one-night getaway that we found a Groupon for (YAY!!!!!!!!! ENGLISH-LAND!!!!!!!!!!). We go to the gym. We watch TV series. We stress over finding a job and we stress about not having a revenue. 

Other than that, I'm still trying to lose weight, I'm still trying to meal plan more, I'm still trying to adapt to a province where the drivers are f*cked but "f*ck" isn't a swear word. I'm impatient and wanting the house and the job and the kids like, yesterday, but slowwwwwwwwwwwwly starting to realize that things take time...and the best things are worth waiting for. 

So you can catch me on Instagram (nicole_b37) or Twitter (same name) for the odd picture, but I don't think I'll be very active on the blog. I got too much goin' on in my head, I hate my commputer, and it's too nice outside. 

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