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Picture Taking is no Longer My Talent

See what I mean about sucking ass about taking pictures? 
We did like a million things today and here are the pictures that I managed to take:

Kerrygold grassfed butter (the healthiest butter available for you like, in the world!)

ONE photo of the entire Duke University (I'll be back & take more pics of the campus. It's amazing). 
My fancy Duke student planner. 

A Walmart spotting. I'm guessing we're in a republican state...

A photo Louis sent me of my perfect dog. <3. She hates the noise that the phone makes when it takes a picture.
Today we toured the university campus, did some basic shopping (sports bras, WOOHOOO), & of course ended the day with a trip to Trader Joe's...I need to take a picture of all the beautiful produce there. Oh, and we started our day off with a glorious decaf iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Oh man, I need to start making that at home.

Last night I slept from SIX am this morning until about 10h30...I managed to get back to sleep until n…

In North Carolina

Trying to keep up with the blogging...but part of that is taking pictures (come on, we all know words are just boring...) & I suck at taking pictures (although Louis may disagree as I think he thinks I take pictures of everything

Well, we were back in Quebec for a couple of nights before we left for Raleigh, North Carolina. It's a long story. Louis came for 3 days, my mom's arriving tonight & staying until (very early) Wednesday morning. I think both of our flights are before 07h00. Uck.

Anyway, Louis & I went crazy for the local BBQ. It was amazing!!! Smoked brisket, hush puppies, sweet pickles, fried green tomatoes, fried okra, key lime pie, and banana pudding. My goodness. (Um, we shared all of this in case it needs mentioning!!). Louis needed  to be rolled home & I think he shed a tear before he left today, not because he'll miss me, but because he might never have the amazing food at The Pig again. Seriously, it was a unique & amazing little hole in…
Feeling much better about our "seperate" vacations today than I did the other day. I think I was just surprised that I felt a little off because I was staying in the same place as when I was first separated.

My real challenge? How to fit everything into one week...while enjoying myself. My shrink says every day on vacay I should ask myself, what can I do today that will make myself happy? (I'm seeing an amazing shrink if anyone in the greater Montreal area wants a referral).

That's all fine & great...but I kinda have a million things that I gotsta do 'cause I'm visiting from far away.

Serious first world problems, I guess.

In other news, this dog is awesome.  (And she got kicked in the head a few times while I was doing my workout outside...oops). 
Also...has Edmonton become the home to every single mosquito in Canada??? Is this the new Winipeg?!?

Brain Fog

I'm sitting in my cousin's basement, in Edmonton, and I have to admit it's pretty surreal. It's not that long ago I was living here, going through a separation, trying to get settled back in Canada/Edmonton.

Maybe I need to backtrack a bit first.

Louis has had a fishing trip planned for...oh, I don't know, a year maybe? He was to fly to Edmonton, pick up a friend, and then they'd drive to Vancouver to pick up another friend and then they'd have a boys fishing trip. Awn. Bromance Love.

When he was booking his ticket...I thought that maybe I should come too since:
a) I'd be alone in Quebec for 2 weeks
b) I miss Edmonton peeps
c) I'm still not working

So here I am. I'm kind of having a lot of mixed emotions...a bit of anxiety...

While I'm happy he gets to have his vacation and get some fun time, I'm also sitting in the same spot that I sat many times trying to process the end of our marriage. Oh, woe is me when I'm playing the "…
I'm anxiously waiting for Louis to wake up. I'm laying in bed, in a hotel that's kinda yucky & run down (but cheap & in the area we want) in Quebec City. 

We're spending two nights here, spending time with family, and also seeing Louis' brother and his family that are visiting from Africa!! The last time I saw that part of the family was when they came to Madagascar...I think 2 Christmas' ago!

I'm excited to see them...but really, what I'm most excited for is the breakfast that we'll have once we get to Louis' mom's house. She has a magical way of having everything she makes taste ten times better than anything you can ever make yourself....
Still pretty quiet over here these days. 
Saturday I managed to be brave, drive MYSELF to an appointment downtown Montreal and then be even braver and drove another 45 minutes to some city where Louis was with his hobby car friends. (I'm pretty sure "hobby car" is like totally insulting it, but I'm not sure what else to call it). 
The theme was "Rockabilly", which I can only explain as like...1950s/tattooed-look. Plus lots and lots of old, restored cars. 
The most popular style seems to be cars that are restored, than made to look as of they've weathered.
It's called the "Rat Rod" look. It was hot out...and let's face it, I was bored after about 5 minutes of car talk, so I only stayed for a bit. It was nice to meet a few of Louis' car friends, who are from France, making it infinetly easier to understand them. (Still struggling with the québécois French...). Also, as foreigners, they kind of relate to what Louis and I are going through…