Brain Fog

I'm sitting in my cousin's basement, in Edmonton, and I have to admit it's pretty surreal. It's not that long ago I was living here, going through a separation, trying to get settled back in Canada/Edmonton.

Maybe I need to backtrack a bit first.

Louis has had a fishing trip planned for...oh, I don't know, a year maybe? He was to fly to Edmonton, pick up a friend, and then they'd drive to Vancouver to pick up another friend and then they'd have a boys fishing trip. Awn. Bromance Love.

When he was booking his ticket...I thought that maybe I should come too since:
a) I'd be alone in Quebec for 2 weeks
b) I miss Edmonton peeps
c) I'm still not working

So here I am. I'm kind of having a lot of mixed emotions...a bit of anxiety...

While I'm happy he gets to have his vacation and get some fun time, I'm also sitting in the same spot that I sat many times trying to process the end of our marriage. Oh, woe is me when I'm playing the "Glass is Half Empty" game...

Anyway, I have all of these tentative plans, but I haven't been sleeping well for a bit (I'm going to the doctor when I get back to see what's going on), so that kind of seems to wreck my plans a bit. I'm a bit of an anxiety basket case. I know I'll adjust...get back into things once I see a friend or family member, but my overthinking brain is a bit confused with the vacation and being apart for two weeks.

Ok, on the "Glass is Half Full" game, there is some shopping to be done (with 10% less tax!), some people to see that I've really missed, some "me" time, and I get to drive around without using GPS and even better SPEAKING ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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