Feeling much better about our "seperate" vacations today than I did the other day. I think I was just surprised that I felt a little off because I was staying in the same place as when I was first separated.

My real challenge? How to fit everything into one week...while enjoying myself. My shrink says every day on vacay I should ask myself, what can I do today that will make myself happy?
(I'm seeing an amazing shrink if anyone in the greater Montreal area wants a referral).

That's all fine & great...but I kinda have a million things that I gotsta do 'cause I'm visiting from far away.

Serious first world problems, I guess.

In other news, this dog is awesome. 
(And she got kicked in the head a few times while I was doing my workout outside...oops). 

Also...has Edmonton become the home to every single mosquito in Canada??? Is this the new Winipeg?!? 

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