In North Carolina

Trying to keep up with the blogging...but part of that is taking pictures (come on, we all know words are just boring...) & I suck at taking pictures (although Louis may disagree as I think he thinks I take pictures of everything

Well, we were back in Quebec for a couple of nights before we left for Raleigh, North Carolina. It's a long story. Louis came for 3 days, my mom's arriving tonight & staying until (very early) Wednesday morning. I think both of our flights are before 07h00. Uck.

Anyway, Louis & I went crazy for the local BBQ. It was amazing!!! 
Smoked brisket, hush puppies, sweet pickles, fried green tomatoes, fried okra, key lime pie, and banana pudding. My goodness. (Um, we shared all of this in case it needs mentioning!!). Louis needed  to be rolled home & I think he shed a tear before he left today, not because he'll miss me, but because he might never have the amazing food at The Pig again. Seriously, it was a unique & amazing little hole in the wall. I'm sure I'll be back again this week...tonight I just needed to cram some veggies into my life. 

I'm staying at a condo I found on Airbnb, it's in a safe, nice area and has everything that we need. 

The big event for me was visiting Trader Joe's. It has organic, grass-fed, local EVERYTHING. Oh, and chocolate covered ANYTHING. Really the best of both worlds. I think I've gone there every day...I miss seeing so many beautiful fruits and vegetables (I haven't found a place I like in Quebec yet).

Accidentally tonight I found the real downtown. I'm totally bummed that I found it after Louis left, but I'll just have to make up for it with my mom. 

I've been having some pretty good times working out here although it's crazy hot and even more humid! My heart rate monitor was beeping like crazy at me 'cause the humidity just kills me! 

I still can't run so I went for a power walk and started to discover more of the area. I'll be back once a month or so for a few months do it's nice to familiarize myself with the area!!

Of all the places I've travelled...I never thought I'd be in this part of the US. It's certainly different than what I'm used to, but a pretty neat experience as well. 

Well, I'm off to pick my mom up at the airport!!!