Picture Taking is no Longer My Talent

See what I mean about sucking ass about taking pictures? 

We did like a million things today and here are the pictures that I managed to take:

Kerrygold grassfed butter (the healthiest butter available for you like, in the world!)

ONE photo of the entire Duke University (I'll be back & take more pics of the campus. It's amazing). 

My fancy Duke student planner. 

A Walmart spotting. I'm guessing we're in a republican state...

A photo Louis sent me of my perfect dog. <3. She hates the noise that the phone makes when it takes a picture.

Today we toured the university campus, did some basic shopping (sports bras, WOOHOOO), & of course ended the day with a trip to Trader Joe's...I need to take a picture of all the beautiful produce there. Oh, and we started our day off with a glorious decaf iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Oh man, I need to start making that at home.

Last night I slept from SIX am this morning until about 10h30...I managed to get back to sleep until noon...but that's 2 nights I haven't slept...so here's hoping I get a good night's sleep. I need it so that we can do more touring. 

Until next time!!

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