Still pretty quiet over here these days. 

Saturday I managed to be brave, drive MYSELF to an appointment downtown Montreal and then be even braver and drove another 45 minutes to some city where Louis was with his hobby car friends. (I'm pretty sure "hobby car" is like totally insulting it, but I'm not sure what else to call it). 

The theme was "Rockabilly", which I can only explain as like...1950s/tattooed-look. Plus lots and lots of old, restored cars. 

The most popular style seems to be cars that are restored, than made to look as of they've weathered.

It's called the "Rat Rod" look. It was hot out...and let's face it, I was bored after about 5 minutes of car talk, so I only stayed for a bit. It was nice to meet a few of Louis' car friends, who are from France, making it infinetly easier to understand them. (Still struggling with the québécois French...). Also, as foreigners, they kind of relate to what Louis and I are going through as we try to establish ourselves here...seemingly in a foreign country. 

Otherwise, the job market has ever so slightly perked up a bit, but I'm not expecting much this month. 

In other news, I'm going to Edmonton for a couple of weeks!!! Louis is going on a fishing trip that he's had planned since forever and I decided I didn't want to stay here solo. I'm staying at my cousin's (the one with the dog), but I have plenty if places to visit and people to see. 

Until next time....