I love North Carolina. I'm not sure I can officially call it the South, but it feels like what I think the South would be like. Hush puppies, sweet tea, fried green tomatoes, accents that I can't always understand, and TOTAL hospitality. Everyone is soooooo friendly.

Both last time and this time I used the Airbnb website to find a place to stay and I love it. I've used this site in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Canada, and now the  US. I've had one negative experience in Turkey, and the website came to the rescue & refunded me extra money for my inconvenience. 

Since I liked the general feel of Chapel Hill, I decided to take a chance and stay in someone's house for 2 nights. It was super awkward at first (my flight was 7 hours late and I walked into their house in the middle of the night and accidentally went into their room instead of mine!!!) but it was still awesome. It was just like staying in a hotel room, except for a fraction of the price. My hosts were awesome and I even sat outside with them and chatted for a bit, and I'm sure they would have spent even more time with me had I wanted them to. 

(A little plain, but everything I need, including tourist info).

Since my mom is coming down here tonight, I've booked us another condo like last time, but in Raleigh instead of Chapel Hill. I don't want to jinx it, but it looks pretty nice. 

A word of advice if you're going to use the site - pick a place that has several reviews and pay attention to all of the amenities and if you're particularly sensitive or really need something (like you REQUIRE A/C or if you hate pets) cause that can certainly have an impact on your stay. Other than that, it's a sure that I love and will use again and again!!!

Now back to NC. Some of my favourite things so far (keeping in mind we're kind if in the boonies):

• Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. I'm addicted. 

• NC BBQ. No seriously. So much pig, so little time.

•Duke University. I'll be doing a lot more waking through it this trip & will be taking pictures because it is incredible. 

•Trader Joe's. OMG. This grocery store...I could spend my life savings here. Organic, grass fed everything combined with one complete aisle of chocolate-covered-everything!!!!

•Southern Charm! I swear if I asked for it the bag boy at the grocery store would carry me to my car. Everyone is sooooo nice.

•Accents. I can't always understand y'all, but I sure do enjoy listening to y'all!

•Humidity. The other day it was 87%! Hello Madagascar memories!!

Well, I'm off to Raleigh for now. See y'all later!

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