Yesterday was another good one in Research Triangle (also known as Chapel Hill, Durham, & Raleigh).

I started the day off with some kind of power walk. I'm on a running hiatus (I think I've probably said that 12 times now) so it's awesome that I've taken a liking to power walking. Mainly I just skip, walk fast, punch the air, & try to keep the rythym of whatever I'm listening to on 8tracks (Google it, you'll thank me!)

Somehow we ended up at Walmart (oh right, my favorite sandals broke...I nearly cried...) and we spotted this shirt. 
And I think this Groupon confirms we're in a Republican state...

My mom and I drove to Lafayette Village (that tried it's best to look Parisien complete with a mini Eiffel Tower).

I found a dress for $23.

Speaking of fashion...uh yeah.burlap and maps. Well, I've never had an eye for fashion anyway.

It's Hawt here so we stopped for an iced Rooibos Rootbeer tea, with orange bobos. (Google bobos. They are kelp membrane beads with juice in them. So amazing).

I need this in gold to wear everyday. 

As usual, I'm taking pictures of the freaking crazy junk food they have in the US. My sugar junkie just loves to look at the insanity.

After a pretty quiet day of mostly seeing sorority pledges walking around in their very uncomfortable shoes that perfectly match their dress, we went hog wild and ate half a pig at The Pig.
We held a moment of silence for Louis, who would like to move here just for this restaurant. 
And now I'm back in bed. One more full day. Hoping that I ca get some sleep...I've had NC insomnia...& it's getting old. 

Tomorrow's mission: find a NC Starbucks mug!!!!