Things I Usually Do In An Aiport $/ Airplane

• pull my roller suitcase carryon the wrong way (wheels fm facing up so I'm just dragging it).

• walk around with my luggage zippers undone until someone (thankfully last time it was Louis) tells me

• try to take as much fruit, soda water, and good stuff from the lounge

• wear my travel pillow around my neck even when I'm walking through the airport

• wear 12 sweaters/sweatshirts cause my body temperature drops thirty degrees on the plane

• take up as much room with my water, iPhone, magazine, book, and sweatshirt as I possibly can without sitting on my neighbours lap

• fight like hell to get "priority" stickers on my suitcases even though the stupid new Aeroplan rules don't allow my "class" to get them

• sweat buckets as I go through customs. I'm never doing anything wrong...but they always make me feel like I am!!

• pass out before the plane takes off so I miss out on any drinks/water/pretzels. 

• drool while I sleep. (Seriously, it's a problem on planes. I've woken up choking on my spit too which is awesome)

So all in all, even though I've flown more times than I could ever count, I'm pretty much the last person you wanna associate with. 

Louis just loves it. ;)

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