Urgh. The job market sucks right now. At least where I am in the world. Both Louis & I get cold calls to work in Africa...but nothing in Montreal (although Louis has barely just started looking).  I get told my CV is awesome and amazing & my French rocks...yet I'm still jobless, with only 1 interview under my belt...that for some weird reason (it still confuses me) I didn't get the job. I have 4 head hunters working for me...& nothing.

It's kind of a discouraging day. They keep telling me it's just the market...but I've been looking for 5 months. Ok...so 3 of those were summer months (it's awesome, Montreal actually gets a distinctive summer season here!!! No parkas and toques in July! :P). But still...nothing. 

On the plus side, I'm leaving for North Carolina on Wednesday morning for a week & my mom will be there Friday afternoon. We'll rip it up southern style with some pig, Dunkin Donuts gallons of decaf iced coffee, and 87% humidity. I dream of iced coffee......

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