21 Day Fix - Day 10

I'm on day 10 of the 21 Day Fix program and am lovvvvviiing it. Although the program allows for "cheats", nothing's really tempted me. 

Last night we went out with friends for a drink & I had a "cheat" of a glass of bubbly. Today we went out for breakfast and I had a "cheat" of a few homefries and I went over the last two days by a PEICE OF FRUIT. I'm not terribly upset about that! 

I'm not sure if this program kinda works like a detox of sorts...because I am a total junk food addict that tries to keep things in check, but I think I've had one craving the entire time and that's when I went grocery shopping when I was hungry. 

I eat one or two squares of dark chocolate every few days (this is a cheat but the jury is out on how this is counted. I figure it's ONE square of chocolate so I don't really concern myself). 

The workouts are still really kicking my ass, but I'm finding myself mood open to having my ass kicked. I work harder, some days even going to the gym for an extra 30-45 minutes as time permits (cause ya know I'm soooooo busy being out of work and all!!!)

Even though I feel so good, healthy, and strong...I'm still skeptical that I'll lose any significant weight. I'm hoping for 10lbs...but I'm not sure I'll get my wish. I'm working hard...but I can't see ANY program that would give more than a 2 or MAYBE 3 lbs/week loss.

After the 21 Day Fix is over, I plan to continue to use the containers to help me keep making healthy choices, but I'm going to have one day per week where's I have a nice cheat meal. 

If I can get into these videos more (I hate working out at home), I'll be a Beach Body convert- totally drank the koolaid and now want a refill! But...I like going out to workout so I'm not sure I'll be buying any more programs, even though I think they are really results driven! 

Another 11 more days, another 11 more video (or DVD rather) workouts (wait...on day 14 we start doing two videos a day....Shit!!!!) and then we'll see what impact they and my eating changes have had on my weight. 

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