21 Day Fix - Day 5

I recently wrote that I was joining/ordering a program from Beach Body called the 21 Day Fix.

In the last year or so, I've gained some weight and been having trouble losing it for a variety of reasons. I'm pretty hard core at the gym...I have a program designed by a trainer and I'm never one to slack on the gym. I like to work out and I like being in shape. Even though I'm overweight, I'm still in really good physical shape...and it kind of drove me crazy. The reason why I'm overweight in spite of my workouts? My diet. I don't mean like, diet like, the "cabbage soup" diet or something like that, I mean, the amount of food that I eat and the food choices that I make.

I live with a guy and two teenagers. If it were just me, I wouldn't have some of the crap that we have in our house, but it's not. Also, I think that Chex Mix (only available in the US) and chocolate are the best things in the entire world. And then there's muffins and flavored coffee drinks. I also eat a lot of healthy food, but in the wrong quantities. Often not enough protein and fat, and too many carbohydrates. I eat tons of vegetables (I think they are a powerful part of any lifestyle), but...like I said, eating is the hard part for me.

So, after seeing the results that a few people I personally know have had, and after shoving a bag of Turtle Chex Mix in my face for the sixth time that week (I was in North Carolina at the time), I decided to order the 21 Day Fix Program.

First thing's first - they need to change the name of this program because it's not a "quick fix". It's a system designed to get you eating whole foods, in the correct portion. I hope that my steam and enthusiasm continues, because so far...I don't feel like I'm on any kind of diet at all.  It is a bit annoying measuring things out...but it also goes to show you what a serving is. Sometimes I think my servings are much smaller than they actually are, and sometimes, I think my servings are much bigger than they actually are. I thought I ate much less almond/peanut butter (I would typically eat a LOT more) and I thought I ate way way more veggies than I do. With this program you put your food into the measured containers (think of them as measuring cups) and then do what you please with them.

A typical day of food for me is:

  • a Shakeology shake mixed with almond milk and frozen fruit (Shakeology is Beach Body's claim to fame. It's a protein/meal shake, but honestly...it tastes freaking amazing and has a gazillion nutrients and a trazillion minerals and all that crap). I think it tastes like drinking brownie batter, but in a good way.
  • greek yogurt, almond butter, cinnamon, stevia drops, and 2 cooked eggs. Sometimes I'll throw in a serving of cucumber too.
  • peach or apple with almond butter and cinnamon
  • serving of veggie of some sort. 
  • chicken breast with a nice salad and a huge dollop of hummus as salad dressing
  • I can have a snack between meals but I found that I haven't wanted one
  • Tonight for supper I had Philly Cheese Steak Plate - all of the ingredients of a philly cheese steak, piled high on a plate. Beef, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and swiss cheese with spices. I could have had the bun, but it doesn't really interest me.
  • Depending on what time we'll eat, I'll have a snack before bed as well. Something sweet usually...Ok, this sounds gross, but I love it. A serving of cooked sweet potato with almond butter, coconut oil, stevia, and cinnamon. I could also have some fruit if I wanted to. 
ALLLLLLLL of this food leaves me feeling full and not hungry at all. My protein portions are bigger than I'm used to and I often have a hard time getting in my 4 servings of carbs in per day. I'm also struggling to better encorporate healthy fats...usually I just eat a (measured) spoon of almond butter throughout the day.

Now, the workouts. THEY ARE HARD. But it's only three weeks that we're talking about and it's supposed to be hard. They have one person doing modifications...and I have to admit I want to quit each and every time that I've done a video (there are 7 of them) and I've been in a pile of sweat and frustration at the end. This skinny bitch lady (that actually encourages me, blah blah blah) totally pushes me and says the right things to help me not give up mid workout. And I think that people just starting out with any kind of fitness program could follow along with the modified lady on the video.

So overall? I'm hopeful that this helps me kickstart my weight loss...but the biggest thing is that I hope it continues to promote non-emotional eating, healthy eating in healthy portion sizes, and help me with my cravings. I keep waiting to have some kind of "GET ME A COKE AND CHOCOLATE BAR NOW!!!!!!!!" moment...but it doesn't come. (Oh, I have had a square of dark chocolate twice - it's allowed. But a SQUARE. I don't even recognize myself). I'll admit that sometimes I feel like there is too much food to lose weight, but in the instruction manual, they note that this feeling is pretty common and it's because I'm consuming whole, healthy foods that I'm just not totally used to. I'll also admit that if I don't lose weight on this program, I'll be pretty damn pissed off....It's not like I'm flush with funds right now and I paid for this program, but right now I'm thinking that it's a good thing and I'm looking forward to having three weeks of non-craving, non-emotional, healthy, vibrant eating! (And to be done with the f*cking workouts). 

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