Final Beach Body 21 Day Fix Results

I`m not posting Before/After pictures because I`m not ready for that yet, but the news is good news! By following the 21 Day Fix Program (click link), I`ve lost 8.5lbs and 3.75 inches! If you watch the promo videos for ``the fix``, they stupid shit like, `Give me 21 days and I`ll give you the body you always wanted!!!` which is ridiculous...`cause I want to lose 40lbs...and that`s not going to happen in 21 days. Or weeks. But the program is awesome. Have I said that a million times before? Well, it's cause it's awesome. It's so simple to follow and it's REAL LIFE EATING. No powders, no pills, no fasting, no nothing. Good food in and 30 minutes of exercise a day, and VOILA! Magic - you lose weight. But let's face it, not everyone can just lose weight on their own (like ME!) and they need some guidance, and for me, this was the guidance that I needed.

I really liked that I could basically eat whatever I wanted, as long as it was a whole food. What's a whole food?

  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • steak
  • chicken breast
  • pork chop
  • olive oil
  • coconut oil
This doesn't include things like spices and condiments, some of which are considered whole, some of which are not. But it's pretty simple. Cook your meals at home, measure your servings out, make sure that you eat enough (a guideline is prepared and you have to eat x vegies, x fruit, x carbs, x protein, x oil, depending on your weight), so you have these little containers and you eat the measured amount, and so forth. 

Then, every day you put in a workout video. They are hard. But they are 30 minutes. Not an hour. Not 45 minutes, 30 freaking minutes. 30 freaking minutes goes by fast when you're working your butt off. Which I did. I didn't always give 100%. Sometimes I gave more, sometimes I gave much less, but I still turned on my DVD player and tried to give it a go. Most times I got through the video. Sometimes I had to press "PAUSE" to catch my breath. Sometimes I felt like a big heifer jumping around. Other times I was a fierce motha. Just when I felt like giving up, the stupid skinny B leading the video would say something like, "I know you want to give up, but remember you paid money for these videos so use them!", or something equally as annoying....yet motivating. Often I had Louis yelling in the background making fun of her. Often I was swearing at her for being so skinny. Both helped me get through the videos. 

So now where does that leave me? I did take Before/After pictures and well, for 21 days of work, there is some serious difference! My Beach Body Coach even asked if she could use the pictures on her website (my head will be cut off to protect my privacy). I found that impressive. The big change that I saw was that my booty was a lot higher, and I had a distinct difference between my thighs and my butt. I didn't have a "thutt" anymore. Or less of one. 

But..when I saw the progress pictures, I didn't look for flaws, I looked for positive changes. Instead of being critical, I was a lot more positive about my body and how I felt about it, and THAT is a big change. 

The big thing for me is that I'm not just eating anything whenever I'm upset or bored or just didn't plan anything out. Right now (for the most part), I eat because I know what kinds of food I want in my body and well I feel when I'm eating those foods. That's not to say I didn't have slip ups - because I did. I totally did. And today, I had a pop and some Halloween candy. But that's real life, and the 21 Day Fix, although titled as a quick fix, is really about real-life eating. Yay!

For a couple of weeks I'm going to try to follow the program but track a little less. But only because I'm joining another 21 Day Fix group November 3rd. I'll see how I do on my own, tracking here and there, but I'll have that November 3rd date to make sure that I'm up on my nutrition and didn't slide back too far back into my old patterns. Instead of the 21 Day Fix workouts, I'll be doing the P90 workouts (can't find a link here, but it's different than the P90X workouts). 

Why? Well, because the protein/health shake that comes with the program, the shake that I've had every single day for 21 days and fallen in love with, costs more than diamonds. So, if I order the "sale" P90 pack that BeachBody has now, it basically costs me the same and I don't have to deal with the annoying lady videos. I'm switching to what will probably be an annoying man, and I'll do the workouts for 3 months, probably cancel my gym membership to save the money that I'm paying for the P90 pack, and then we'll see from there. 

It's too soon so say that this whole 21 Day thing has been life changing...but it's certainly helped me get onto a track of thinking that I really like, that I'm really enthusiastic about, and that's making a difference in my physical and mental health. So yay! 

Don't worry, my posts about Beach Body will stop for a few weeks. And I'll quit posting on social media about it. I'm just kinda pumped about it right now cause I finally found something that resonated with me!

*I'm not a Beach Body Coach, or affiliated with one, or get any referral credits or anything for talking about this, I'm just super excited!!!

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