Mishmash Update

Urgh. Things just aren't going our way lately. Louis' computer is on the fritz...it takes ten minutes to open any window. My computer died, but luckily Stepdaughter #2 saved my old computer and I can use it for now...although it's very old and I can't open a lot of pages until I do some software updates...scratch that - until I get Louis to do some software updates. Louis' hobby car needs like...a gazillion dollars of repair work. His driving season is officially over..and I hope things go better next summer. Neither of us can seem to find a job. We both get comments how great and wonderful our experience is...followed by comments like, But the market is slow.... Urgh. Us not having jobs is a pretty big stress right now. Obviously, the financial component is important...but even more important right now is that we need something rewarding, something that brings routine into our lives, and something that gets us into "real life" mode, not this...half assed version of semi-retirement that we're in.
Ok, a positive change - Louis has become good friends with the guy that owns the shop that fixes his VW bug. He's convinced them to "let" him work (for free!!!) most weekday mornings. This helps the shop owner because he has a gazillion jobs to do before it gets cold and it helps Louis because he has something to wake up to, and it helps me because if Louis gets in a routine, it will help me get in some kind of routine, which is good for everyone. Obviously, we need some routine in our lives and when the girls aren't here...we don't have much of one and it's just draining on us. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer...and we're still living very fortunate, blessed lives, but we're tired of not working.
Another change is that I've taken a 3 week break (or maybe 4 week) from the gym. I've  been going pretty regularly and working out HARD after a trainer designed a program for me, but seeing little results. Why? Because I don't have a job and I don't have a routine and therefore I eat whenever, whatever, because I work out like crazy. Well - it doesn't work that way. I've committed to a program called the 21 Day Fix. I wish it wasn't called something so...like, "quick fix", because it's nothing of the sort. It's paying attention to portion sizes and consuming REAL, WHOLE, food. I eat fat, protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit....everything. I just eat them in specific portion sizes. The program comes with a DVD with different 30 minute workouts to be done each day. They are HARD but come with modifications and I can see how they'd deliver results. I love working out, it's something that keeps me sane, but I DETEST the videos. I keep telling myself it's only THREE WEEKS and who knows, once I get into the habit of it, add some of my own music, I might like it. What I really, really like is the focus on healthy food (with treats! I eat chocolate!) and fueling your body...instead of the boredom/emotional eating that I've been doing lately. So, I'm only into day 2...but I think that I'll be able to do it.
This week I also had a positive. The largest recruiting firm in the world that I had already met with twice decided to call me in and meet with their entire office. Or rather, all of their finance recruiters in all of their offices in the greater Monteal area - in person or via Skype. It was a little awkward cause I had my back to the half the room and was on camera...but it was helpful. Also..I was having a wicked French-speaking day and near the end of the meeting, the main Director made fun of me wondering if I was even capable of speaking English. Woohoo!! Yeah for good timing on the French-speaking day! It seemed like I impressed them, I got good comments on my experience, and then the ever-dreaded comment about the market being slow. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know it's slow. I live that it's slow. We live that it's slow.
So I guess it's not all bad news. It's...not all great news...it's life I guess.

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