I peaked.... 21 Day Fix, Day 13, & cross your fingers for me

Well, I peaked. I looked at the scale. I promised myself I wouldn't.

Overall the program is still going awesome, except the last 3 days have been incredibly hectic and I haven't had a chance to eat everything that I'm supposed to. I know that this can screw me over in the end if I don't fuel properly...so I'm going to get on that tomorrow. But wait - did I just say I'm not eating ENOUGH? For months I've been struggling with this medication I've been on that has increased my appetite an incredible amount...and now since I've been fueling my body properly...I'm having to make sure I eat ENOUGH.

The workouts still suck. They are hard. But, I'm getting used to having to work hard...and let's face it, it's only 30 minutes max...so really...anything can be done in 30 minutes.

So back to the scale. It was at night, I had already eaten a meal, drank tons of water...so imagine my surprise when I see that I'm down SEVEN pounds. That's right, folks. I have been a gaining weight machine the last 6-8 months and all of a sudden (ok, all of a sudden when I set a goal to truly eat healthier), I'm down 7 lbs. Yay. The small loss (well, it's not that small, it's almost 20% of the total amount of weight I want to lose) gave me the spirit and desire to keep going. I think I'll take a break after the 21 days and start again in November. I haven't taken my measurements, which will really show the difference (I hope) and I'm not going to weigh myself for until day 22, so I'll keep that for a surprise. But I'm feeling so very good...and it's really, truly making me question what I put into my body. I feel good...I'm fueling with good food. Hm. It can't be a coincidence????

Another big change is that I don't have like, insane cravings for sugar like I used to. This SHOCKS me. I'm still skeptical about the whole thing... and I'm concerned that if I have one Coke or one chocolate bar that I'll have some crazy sugar-binge fest and go back to my old ways.. but I'm hoping that's not the case. Anyway, enough of that.

Next up is some cross-your-fingers-news for me. I'm scared to blog about it. But I had a meeting today and I don't want to talk more about it, but it might be some very good news. That I hope to report back on tomorrow or Friday....

Meanwhile, the girls are back with us, which makes life a lot more fun, sometimes more complicated, always a lot louder, but always a lot more entertaining. I think three weeks is too long to go without them living with us... :(

Some more good news, I guess. Louis and I went out with a group of people this weekend that we weren't related to. Like, aquaintances/friends. Crazy, right? We went to a car show (boo) and then to a cute bar (yay) afterwards. While I didn't make any lasting friendships (they were more Louis' friends that decided to all bring their girlfriends and wives), it was a super good time and I'm looking to socialize a lot more. Louis and the girls are good company and all....but I'm dying to make some friends over here!!!!

Well, quite a different tone than my last couple of posts, hey? Hopefully, I'll be able to write back shortly about some more good news.....geez... It's nice to have things go our way for a bit!!!

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