• New wardrobe "basics"
  • Makeup lesson
  • New makeup
  • New makeup brushes to apply makeup with
  • Accessories for new wardrobe (I am now a Stella & Dot consultant if anyone wants to buy anything….basically I just joined so I could get a lot of accessories that were fashionable at the consultant price. But should you want to buy something, here's my ID Code184132
  • Silk long underwear to wear underneath my work clothes because I'm freezing all the time
  • New work boots (that were so far out of budget)
  • New work pumps
  • New work casual shoes
  • New work winter boots (not yet found)
  • New work winter coat (not yet found)
  • New work winter hat (not yet found)
  • New rims to go with old winter tires (not work related)
  • Coffee and a muffin 4x this week because I'm stressed and want to have a fun breakfast



I knew that coming back to Canada and getting equipped for office life would cost a lot of $$$$. But seriously??? All of this work is costing me a lot of money. My hair is due for a cut/color. Had I not just given Maggie, our dog, a haircut which now makes her look like she lost a bar fight….I might consider cutting my own hair…..

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