Day 3

  • Overnight oats are freaking fantastic and taste just like this bircher muesli that I had in Zurich. Overnight oats are whatever mix you like, I'm doing old fashioned oats (lightly cooked because of some health reason that my friend told me about that I don't totally remember), greek yogurt, frozen berries, stevia, and cinnamon. sooooooo good.
  • I'm like, dressing the trendiest I have ever in my life. I'm wearing suede over the knee boots; black very thick leggings with (fake) leather detailing down the side; a looser, longer white blouse with silver zippers on the pocket, an animal/dark print scarf; silver jewerly from my travels. Last night I was dancing with myself in the mirror doing all kinds of weird moves because I've just never seen myself like that before.
  • I got the flu shot at work yesterday and didn't expect any symptoms, but last night my whole body ached.
  • Louis still comes and lays with me for a few minutes at night because I don't feel like I get to tell him everything about my day. I basically fall asleep talking. I think this is a good sign.
  • We have serious troubles with our little mop dog, Maggie. She's regressing as far as listening and discipline, jumping on the bed, walking in the kitchen, and she knows she's doing a bad thing because when Louis and I try to get her to stop, she either runs and hides, or comes up to you with her little, "I'm so freaking cute, pet me" routine that she does when she knows she's in trouble. It's funny...and cute....but not at the same time.
  • I feel a lot better than I did compared to yesterday's blog entry. Me being tired is not a good thing. I have no idea how to manage a 12 hour day and do all of the things that I want to do.
  • I'm getting my eyelash extensions fixed tonight. You have no idea how much more confident I feel with eyelash extensions. Yes, this is very vain. But it's just something that makes me sooooooooooooooo happy.
  • This morning I found the washroom, water cooler, and coffee room ALL MY MYSELF. I don't know if I can do it again...but it's a good start to the morning.
Until Next Time.
Over and out.