I think I wrote earlier this week that I was PETRIFIED because I was meeting a stylist from Quebec City (about 2.5-3 hours drive from where I live and also where most of Louis' family lives). I have no idea what's cool and what's not. I'm also six feet tall but not into plus sizes, so a lot of the blouses and fun stuff end up looking like this on me.
Ok. Maybe not quite. More like this:
Except I'm a little more feminin.

Anyways, I have problems shopping unless I'm in a clothing store for tall people, but those stores kinda suck, so I was all nervous.

I met my stylist at a coffee shop in a quiet, nice mall and she was AWESOME. I showed up at the mall practically in tears because I was SO FREAKING NERVOUS. I didn't think anything would fit me properly and I need to look "Montreal Chique", and I tend to look "Camping Chique" or "Lost Teenager Chique" and I have no idea about style. Well, it turns out that I have a perfect typed body for skirts and dressings and leggings with blazers mixed with scarfs and different colors and textures regardless that I'm a touch overweight and (am in process of losing weight) and I'm tall and I have sooooooooooooooo many things that work well together.

We spent a good five hours together. She already had picked out most of the clothes but we found some great outfits and it was for me to decide what I wanted to buy, without her advice. We said our goodbyes (after she took me to the shop that lent her some boots for me to try on with my outfit that were OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE AND NOT IN MY BUDGET BUT TOTALLY COMPLETELY PERFECT) and I went back and decided what to buy or not buy or that I could find on my own in a cheaper shop. I don't want to be all ghetto-fabulous, but there's no reason to buy a pair of plain black thick leggings for $110 when I know I can get them for $40.

Before my stylist left, she reiterated something that she had been saying for the last few hours and that was to HAVE MORE CONFIDENCE IN MYSELF AND HOW I LOOK. Like, she was almost frustrated at me because through our texts, emails, and phone calls, I painted this dreary picture of myself. When in fact, it's nothing close to that and she was super impressed how well I carried off a lot of outfits. I'm not trying to be braggy or anything here, I was incredibly surprised that I could carry these looks off. I'm tall and not thin...and really unaware of what looks good on me and have probably been buying the wrong type of clothing, because the clothes that she helped me pick make me look like a superstar. Which I need to start my superstar new job. Ok, moving on.

And then that's when the real fun started. I had some supper at a little restaurant by myself and then drove to Louis' mom's place. Have I ever mentioned that this lady is made out of pure gold? There is no one, NO ONE that leaves her house without feeling better about themselves and life than before. She is inquisitive without being pushy, she is a great advice giver without preaching, she is extraordinarily caring and attentive without being overwhelming and she's one of the only family members I have in this province, so I am so incredibly thankful not only to have her, but to have been able to have her all to myself for the night. We talked and caught up on what was a tremendously hard and challenging year. We talked about our concerns for Louis. We talked and talked and talked and talked...and then she practically physically forced me to sleep in her bed. I tell ya, the lady is quite possibly 100lbs less than me, but when she wants something, she wants something and she gets it. I felt pretty bad sleeping in her bed, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

I woke up to Louis' sister coming over for a bit of breakfast and coffee and I spent the morning with the two of them, happy to be talking with my in-laws that are so welcoming and so kind. So many people have horror stories about their inlaws...where mine are so wonderful and funny and interesting. I'm extremely lucky.

I was nervous about this little escapade. I don't often go that far from home here in Quebec, never mind drive myself around and hang out with my inlaws solo. My self-confidence was hit pretty big with the breakup and the unsuccessful job hunt this year. So this is just what I needed to get in the right frame of mind to get things started. Feeling soooo lucky.

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  1. Best of luck in the new work environment; make a statement, fashion girl...