How To Prepare for a New Job

It has been EIGHTEEN MONTHS since I've had a full-time job. Holy freaking sh&t. I thought I'd take about six months off. Instead, I traveled a lot more than I planned, I moved back to Alberta, I settled back in Alberta (kinda), then my knight in shining armor came back and we rode into the sunset (or into my little Honda Civic) all the way back to Montreal.

Then summer came. Looking for a job in the summer in Quebec IS POINTLESS. It's like the world shuts down over here. Nothing happens. Yes, summer in quite the thing in Montreal and I have to admit I liked it A LOT more than any summer in Alberta because it's hot, humid, and there's no snow. I'm still trying to adapt to Canadian I need the +32*C plus humidity for me to turn the heat off in my car.

So now, I have secured a job. Not only have I secured a job, but my DREAM JOB. My boss is awesome. The company is awesome, complex, with plenty of unique challenges and opportunities. It was all great in concept. BUT NOW I'M STARTING A NEW JOB. What does that mean?

  • I have to take the train and metro about one hour each way
  • I have to wake up at 0600 or earlier
  • I have to get an alarm clock
  • We'll have to learn how to take care of a house, cook, clean, etc. I'm in charge of house things and I won't have time to do everything I do now and I'm not thrilled about relingquishing control over this cause I kinda like things done my way
  • I have to spend money and time on things like learning how to apply chique makeup, doing my nails, polishing/ironing/hanging up my work attire instead of folding up my yoga clothes in whatever drawer I feel like
  • Walk through the cattle-like crowd in the mornings
  • Work until 20h00 every 2nd week (for meetings. I get to come in later the next day. But I won't get home until very late)
  • Will have to figure out a workout schedule. I know a lot of professionals do this crazy thing called walking up early to get their workouts in the day. Man. I don't have that capability.
  • Deal with new job stress - which right now seems a lot bigger and more than it probably will be.
So basically, as very very happy as I am to start, I am having moments of complete FREAKING OUT (this afternoon was because I couldn't think of anything to make for supper tonight and last night we ate eggs and beans and therefore, I'm a complete failure. Yeah. Stressed out me is a lot of fun).

So, how to prepare for a new job? Basically do everything that I'm NOT doing and don't do anything that I'm doing. Which mainly consists of worrying about things out of my control. 

I guess I am doing a few things right. Tomorrow I'm waking up at 06h00 to get ready and take the train/metro like it would be a regular work day. Then, because I'm going to be in North Carolina Thursday and Friday, I have crammed in a makeup tutorial/purchasing session after that, followed by my P90 workout, followed by getting my eyelash extensions touched up. I can't possibly start a new job without having my eyelashes damn near perfect. 

So I have the fancy downtown clothes, I'll have the makeup (I've tried ten times to do my own and I look like a drag queen each time), I'll have the directions....just need the confidence. Hopefully we'll start talking geek-risk talk right away so I'll feel right at home to start. Man, I miss the geek-risk talk. 

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