I've seen icky shit in my life. I think the most traumatizing still to this day is when I tried to help my boss' driver & I had to carry him & then he died. Obviously I'm freaking exhausted but just to put things in perspective. 

On the way to the train tonight I saw one guy attack another guy, knock him to the ground, & continually yell how he's going to kill him, while the other guy pleaded for him to stop. For me, this falls into the same category as icky shit, I want to stay and help...but I know that in the big city don't hang around. I looked around, saw that there were a few people hanging around talking on their cell phones, so I assume they are calling the police...and I kept walking. I honestly feel like pond scum walking away from this situation but it scares the ever living crap out of me. And this is why I am a country mouse. This kind of stuff probably happens where I live too...but I get WAY to effected by it & I'll think about it (but try not to) for the rest of the week. I'm not sure what protocol is for this kind of stuff...

I was walking to the train signing somemade up  song in my head how I'm such a downtown girl with my big fancy purse (ie: lunch bag), & my walking dress shoes, & my fancy office job (which I have yet to decide is fancy or not, but the office itself is pretty freaking fancy)...& then I saw this spectacle. URGH. 

Ok, moving on. Last night was a crashtacular disaster. Far too much pent up anxiety over the new job (even though I had a good day, I was anxious most of the day), far too much worrying about household chores, etc...& I crashed after crying a few stress-tears around 2130 or so. After making Louis sit in bed with me much as I'm totally sick of spending 24/7 together (or almost with both of us not working), I kinda missed him yesterday. :) 

Speaking of both of us not working, my lovely hubby has procured himself a FANTASTIC job!!! It's not the most ideal situation for us as he'll be working out of town & be back on the good old rotation's still positive news. Homeboy needs to work...and he's not a half a world away like in Madagascar.

Wow. That's one heck of a blog post with a lot of random info!! 

Happy to have made it through day 2. Will be happier when I'm back home tonight. Starting a new job is some weird shit. Oh. One last thing, one coworker cane & gave me two peices of dark chocolate after lunch. And it was awesome. So sleepy until I adjust to my new schedule. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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