On the Train

I'm on the train (which is extremely exciting because Louis found this way for me to get to work where it's just train & no metro or bus!!) coming home from my first day of work! It's a pretty good feeling...even though I didn't contribute much. Well, & I don't expect to for a bit since its a very complex company going through a lot of changes & I actually got lost going to the washroom...

Anyway, I like everything so far. Which is a good sign I'm guessing. The while commuting thing sucks, even with the train. I work 8 hours, eat for 30 minutes, but because of the travel it works out to a 12 hour day door-to-door. This is quite normal for hundreds of thousands (or more) people but really a new concept for me, & I find it the hardest thing to adapt to. 

Also is the fact that I'm working like one block from like THE street in downtown Montreal! It's hard to process as I see the historic buildings (including the one I work in) & walk around downtown...I'm such a country mouse that I'm totally overwhelmed, but not in a stressed out kind of way. More in a...well, I feel like I'm portraying some kind of adult when I'm really a kid. I forgot about that part of me...my outside work personality is so incredibly different from my at work personality...I AM a real grown up at work...while at he I still laugh at poop jokes and can't figure out that I need to wear socks in the wintertime or how to change the garbage without making a mess. (Or slicing the tip of my finger off which I also did this week & it was very unfantastic).

Anyway, everything seems all too surreal for me. Things have changed so drastically in the last twelve months that I don't even know how to process everything. But it's good. 

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