Week 1 vs Week 2, Part 1


Last week: Total chaos. Expected myself to just fall into this job without such a huge transition. Kept fighting to keep with those expectations. Considered quitting job on 3rd day and trying to see if the other job was still available. Total meltdown on Monday. Total anxiety at work on Friday as I rush to meet a deadline that I don't even anything about (and was the responsibility of someone else but I thought I'd take it on…). Come Saturday, I was burnt out, confused, emotional, wondering how I'll ever get through this adjustment…


Saturday: Have a meeting of the minds, make plans to lower my stress during the week, create a list of tasks and ideas that will help me cope and remember that it's not a new job I'm adjusting to, it's a new LIFESTYLE and that takes time. I may as well be back in Madagascar my first week, because things are just that different here.


This week: Total meltdown (after work) Monday (yesterday). At work, make progress, have sort of realistic expectations of myself, have a bunch of mantras I repeat in my head, take 5 minute breaks three times/day to refocus, have a lot more open dialogue with my boss.


Who'd of ever thought that adjusting to work in an office would be such a shit show for me. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't miss the jungle life.

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  1. Once the jungle gets in your blood (without malaria) you can never go back to a regular 9 to 5...