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Four Christmases

Our first Christmas was celebrated on Sunday with the girls.

We ate sushi for supper & baklava for supper. 
I think Maggie was the happiest of all with her new $3 stuffed toy. 
Then we went to the tiniest, oldest church in old Montreal to listen to a choir.

Christmas #2 was spent with good friends!
So much food & so much fun!!!
And a Quebecois büche de noël, of which I ate faaarrrrr to much of.
Last night we had Christmas #3 with One of Louis' brother, sister, mom, & extended family. Somehow I didn't take a single picture!!
Tonight (the 25th) we are living on leftovers and are safely back in the comforts of our own home. Maggie is back (we didn't take her to Quebec City) & Christmas #4 is spent on our couch, cuddling watching a movie, recovering from too many late nights!! 
This was my first Christmas in Quebec & I had so much fun. I missed my family a lot. I ate too much. But I had such a wonderful time & I feel so blessed. 

Merry Christmas to everyone!! ❤️❤️

Happy Holidays

So very thankful this year. This is the best Christmas card of my life. 

Christmas Stress Help

I found myself crying a lot this week. Part of it was just being overwhelmed with all of the adjustments in my life that I am still...well, adjusting to. But a lot of it came from the pre-holiday stress/emotions/blah...

I've been very vocal about "focusing on creating the new" instead of looking back on what was. I tend to fall into this trap where I cling on to previous Christmases, longing for them to be same as this year, when life changes, people change, and circumstances change.

Last year, I NEVER would have expected in a gazillion years that I'd be in downtown Montreal, working, communiting, MARRIED (last year I was seperated), MARRIED HAPPILY (finally), with a husband that works in Cuba...oh the differences are too many to list.

But still, I think back to my extended family all over Canada (and in the Emirates) and sometimes I get a little teary. Also, my step-daughters have friends and another family of their own, and I don't get to spend as much time with …

Downtown Commuter Train

I'm totally getting into my work routine. It's still not perfect and I'm usually so bagged in the evenings. I can't figure out how I'm supposed to have time to make supper (when Louis isn't home), clean up a bit, pack my lunch, workout, eat supper, shower, and go to bed at a reasonable hour (or a rather early hour since I am attempting to get 8 hours of sleep and I'm up at 05h05). Every morning, I wake up, turn on my curlers, snooze once, then really wake up, shower, let the dog outside, do makeup/hair, get dressed, play with dog, drive to train station, sit in train, turn on my morning meditation on my iphone (this is so so so awesome and helps me so much), walk 1.3km to work, make my coffee, eat my breakfast, and then get started with my day. The thing is lately, I'm so tired that I fall asleep on the train in the morning. This morning I fell asleep SO HARD that I didn't wake up until the very last stop, which thankfully, is my stop. My two bags (…


After spending the last two days at a Cuban resort (which will happen every time that he comes home), Louis got on a plane this afternoon and will be home tonight.

So looking forward!!! Things are insane at work or else I'd pick him up at the airport....but he'll meet me at home while I'm half asleep.

More exciting news (kind of) is that our office is shutting down between Christmas and New Years. It kinda sucks because my paycheque will be really small (I'm on contractor status for the first six months), but on the plus side, I'll be away from work for 11 consecutive days AND get to hang out with my man.

I'm kinda bummed because we have to share the girls...and they probably won't come over to our place until the 20th and we'll see bits and peices of them...but I guess their teenagers/young adults and I should be happy for the time that they are around...but honestly, and this caught me off guard, but I really, really love them...and I miss having…


I kind of feel like I'm getting into a groove here. Some days at work, I'm still totally confused, but I'm so ready and willing to admit it that I get the help that I ask for…it makes me feel like I'm starting to become part of the team.I'm still missing the feeling of having friends nearby. Last Saturday I decided that I had to treat myself (and will continue to every Saturday that Louis is out of town) so I went to an outdoor spa. It was nice…but kind of just felt like I was sitting in everyone's dirty body germs…and it was almost exclusively couples…so not exactly something that keeps my mind off of being a solo lady. This Saturday I still have no idea what I'm going to do, but it has to be something special that ends my week of nicely. I found that if I spent most of my Sunday out doing errands….I didn't quite feel that "alone" feeling that I was fearing so much. Yes, I'll have to get used to it, but I'm not rushing it. One thing t…

Gets better

Haiiii! I'm feeling much better than Monday. 
It's nice to see things change and get better with time. (Until next Monday where I'll probably lose my shit again). 

I hate Mondays

I'm not sure why, I don't care why, but Mondays are the hardest for me. Maybe it's my body trying to protest the early wakeup call, maybe it's because I'm weird, or…well, who cares. Yesterday was a tough day. Workwise, things went well. I have a very supportive and kind boss…funny, helpful, and smart coworkers, and I had packed a good lunch. All in all, pretty much what's needed for a good day. But I felt like I barely got through it.I even got to meet the other half of my team that work in Australia during a Telepresence call. I've never had one of these and they are the coolest things ever. Basically, in Australia, they have a room that has the same color walls, chairs, carpet that's sort of divided in two with a screen. We have the exact same room. So when we have a call, it's like they are actually sitting across the boardroom table from us. Like seriously, it was weird. When I looked into someone's eyes, I was actually looking into their ey…

Level 2

If the Madagascar 2009 protests were rated a Level 10...and Cyclone Gyovanna was a Level 6 on the danger scale. What are you at right now?

Conversations of a worried wife to her husband. It's a little surreal. I've now heard twice that Louis was evacuated because of flooding. I just haven't asked. Finally....I came up with this clever way of asking.

He's at a 0, by the way. Which I can assume is "wifed down" a I'm going to say he's at a 2. Basically, there is a river, it's flooded, and there is one bridge. They get sent home because of the bridge. Or so I'm told. I don't have any spies down there yet...


Hey everyone.
Maybe you already know someone who is a Stella & Dot Stylist.
Maybe when you hear the word, "accesories" you think of fancy stuff to add to your car.
Maybe you've already done ALL of your Christmas, Birthday, and other gift shopping until 2016.
If this is the case, ignore the post.

But, if you need a little something for someone special, and you're not sure what, please feel free to check out my Stella & Dot page.

I'm not sure how long I'll keep this page up, it's free for now and I'm not sure if I'm ready to make the ($12/month) investement...but until then, here's the link. Also, I'm not interested in making any profit from this, honestly I just joined because I needed accesories for work and I liked their stuff. So, if you buy something and you'd akin to a specific charity, drop me a line, otherwise, I'll find a charity to make a donation to with any…

Looks like we made it...maybe

My computer up and died on me a couple of months back and I`m using a very old one that can`t seem to get the right I can`t actually access my blog. All of my posts are emailed to my blog, which means I can`t really upload pictures or anything.

I kind of want to start uploading pictures to make things more I have to somehow figure this crap out.

What an introduction.

Well, Louis is in Cuba. He`s there until the 15th and then he`ll be back for Christmas and New Years. Yay. I`m spending Christmas here, because honestly, with all of the changes in the last little bit, I`m not up for travelling. It sounds like an`s not an excuse. It`s a valid reason.

I`m not sure how much time I`ll take off during the holidays, but it would really be nice to take off between Christmas and New Years. That sucks, because it means a smaller paycheque BUT as of next week I`m building up my savings account again, so I can`t complain too much. Wait, I just remembered…