Downtown Commuter Train

I'm totally getting into my work routine. It's still not perfect and I'm usually so bagged in the evenings. I can't figure out how I'm supposed to have time to make supper (when Louis isn't home), clean up a bit, pack my lunch, workout, eat supper, shower, and go to bed at a reasonable hour (or a rather early hour since I am attempting to get 8 hours of sleep and I'm up at 05h05).


Every morning, I wake up, turn on my curlers, snooze once, then really wake up, shower, let the dog outside, do makeup/hair, get dressed, play with dog, drive to train station, sit in train, turn on my morning meditation on my iphone (this is so so so awesome and helps me so much), walk 1.3km to work, make my coffee, eat my breakfast, and then get started with my day.


The thing is lately, I'm so tired that I fall asleep on the train in the morning. This morning I fell asleep SO HARD that I didn't wake up until the very last stop, which thankfully, is my stop. My two bags (all downtown ladies have a giant purse and then one of those reusable bags from a fancy store the one time they bought something there) were practically thrown on this lady's lap. I was leg cuddling with her (she was sitting across from me) and she had a warm, sparkly smile for me when I woke up. I know this means I've either been coughing, snoring, or worse….sleep talking. When I'm in an unfamiliar place or overtired, I sleep talk A LOT. I apologies, laughed a bit (as did she) and made small talk. I felt obligated to at least make a little small talk…I did after essentially just sleep with her for the last hour. The guy beside me had a good laugh too….Man, I wish I knew what I had said in my sleep.

Anyway, I'm sort of complaining about sleeping…but sort of not. It's an awesome almost-hour of extra sleep. Sleep is so precious in my life…and I'm pretty energized after my power nap.


As far as the on the way home, I need a minimum of 30 minutes to walk to my train. It only takes about 15…but I'm still so uncertain about this whole train thing. I feel like the train is going to leave early and if I have less than 30 minutes, I do a sprint-rest & walk – sprint until I get there. It's usually a pretty sight. Me with my purse and fancy-store reusable bag swinging madly as I sprint across the streets, running in a long winter parka, arriving at the train station in a panic, where I see I have 15-20 minutes before the train leaves, so I hop on, take off my jacket, and use whatever article of clothing is less likely to stain to wipe the beads of sweat off of my face. Then I turn on one of my audio books and pass in and out of consciousness until I hear "Vimont" announced as next stop, which then gives me two stops to fully wake up and get ready for the blistering cold (of which there's been none to date, thankfully).


I drive home, let the dog out, do my Les Mills Combat workout (seriously, Google it. If you're in need of an at home workout, it's freaking awesome. I'm sore CONSTANTLY and can feel myself getting stronger), do dishes, play with the dog, eat, then get ready for bed and the next day. I'm trying to get into "school mode" as well which would mean that one or two nights I have a evening class…but I think that's going to have to wait until the Spring session. I'm still getting used to this schedule and I need a little more time before I add something else onto my plate.



Oh, the downtown life. Or, the downtown commuter life. It's not what I had envisioned for myself and it's a bit surreal thinking that the last job I had the commute was to walk across the street or to drive amongst chicken and cows…..

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