I hate Mondays


I'm not sure why, I don't care why, but Mondays are the hardest for me. Maybe it's my body trying to protest the early wakeup call, maybe it's because I'm weird, or…well, who cares.


Yesterday was a tough day. Workwise, things went well. I have a very supportive and kind boss…funny, helpful, and smart coworkers, and I had packed a good lunch. All in all, pretty much what's needed for a good day. But I felt like I barely got through it.


I even got to meet the other half of my team that work in Australia during a Telepresence call. I've never had one of these and they are the coolest things ever. Basically, in Australia, they have a room that has the same color walls, chairs, carpet that's sort of divided in two with a screen. We have the exact same room. So when we have a call, it's like they are actually sitting across the boardroom table from us. Like seriously, it was weird. When I looked into someone's eyes, I was actually looking into their eyes and they were life size. Maybe I'm new to the game here, but I thought it was ridiculously cool.


I worked a little late (and will probably all week, but it's fine), got home, shoved Maggie out on the patio onto her little cat-litter-dish because she refused to go for a walk, shoved my workout DVD into the machine, worked out, and just got more and more upset.


I'm upset that the girls aren't coming over the Sunday before Louis gets home. I know it's because they have their own lives and stuff….but I want them to come over early….so that I have a full house on Sunday night. I'm taking it personally….even though it's not meant to be.


I think that occupied about 90% of my brain space while I was working out.


The dog barks incessantly to get into her cage….I ended up getting angry and yelling at her. I was already incredibly mad because when she went to the bathroom outside, she started to eat her own crap and I had to fish dog crap out of her mouth. Like, highlight of my night.

The thermostat is acting up and I couldn't get the house warmer than 64 degrees (I eventually found a temporary solution).

I felt bad for yelling at the dog, so I didn't put her in her cage at night, I brought her bed into my bedroom and covered her up with a blanket since it was so cold.


I called Louis, who was hanging with his buddy…but took the time to talk to me for a few minutes. I think he was trying to cheer me up…but I just needed to go to bed.


So I got Maggie, got a big sweater, and went to sleep. Half wanting to cry, half just hoping for a new tomorrow.


Well, it came.


Things about today that don't suck: It's not yesterday.


Here's hoping things go a bit smoother today.

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