Looks like we made it...maybe

My computer up and died on me a couple of months back and I`m using a very old one that can`t seem to get the right updates...so I can`t actually access my blog. All of my posts are emailed to my blog, which means I can`t really upload pictures or anything.
I kind of want to start uploading pictures to make things more exciting....so I have to somehow figure this crap out.
What an introduction.
Well, Louis is in Cuba. He`s there until the 15th and then he`ll be back for Christmas and New Years. Yay. I`m spending Christmas here, because honestly, with all of the changes in the last little bit, I`m not up for travelling. It sounds like an excuse....it`s not an excuse. It`s a valid reason.
I`m not sure how much time I`ll take off during the holidays, but it would really be nice to take off between Christmas and New Years. That sucks, because it means a smaller paycheque BUT as of next week I`m building up my savings account again, so I can`t complain too much. Wait, I just remembered that I haven`t bought ANY Christmas gifts...so maybe scratch the savings account comment.
I`m surprised I have any money left with all of my spending lately. Seriously...it costs a lot of money to ``look the part`` downtown. Makeup, clothes, accesories....most days I really like it `cause I look all fancy (Ì`M SO FANCY), but other times...man, I find it overwhelming.
I was looking through photos of Madagascar this week...and I think I have to not look at Madagascar pictures for awhile. I was so...in my element there at one point. But I was also so NOT okay there for awhile...and I have to remember the bad as well as the good. I just find the concrete jungle a little overwhelming...and adjusting to life as a Canadian worker in a Canadian work environment...well, I`m struggling. I`m very fortunate to have a EXTREMELY nice boss and the man that Im replacing is a very helpful person as well. But I get comments like, "You don't have to try to fix everything" and "Make sure that you copy your boss on x types of emails". I have to take a major step back and just do as I'm told for a bit. I have to work slower and quit rushing to do so much. I'm impatient in meetings because all I can think of is the working time wasted...but I need to remember I'm in a much different environment now.
Oh, and this week was Diamond Week. Every year the company I work for has an employee sale for the diamonds that one of their business unit mines. Omg. Buying any kind of diamond right now is not a smart idea....but every few hours a lady on my floor comes back from her "diamond appointment" and we all rush over and see what she bought. So many sparkles....so many reasonable prices....but no, I refuse to. Hopefully next year.
So tomorrow is Friday. I barely feel like I've survived the week - I'll elaborate more on that later maybe - but if I get through tomorrow, it means I've got through my first week as a long distance wife.
I'm so thankful for the support I have here. I didn't have that the first time that we tried this long distance thing. Things are a lot different than that fated FIRST TIME, it's just that my mind hasn't caught up to reality yet.
To end on a positive and goofy note...we let our dog go far too long without getting a hair cut and so she basically had to be shaved. I went and bought her a doggie sweater because I felt bad...and decided I'd try out these like, doggie mittens as well, because it's ridiculously annoying walking her in the winter - she'll go a foot and then get cold and do none of her business. So, everytime I put these doggie mittens on her, she forgets how to walk. I have to push/lightly kick/drag her, and she remembers and then all of a sudden - its like that scene from Forrest Gump where he was wearing braces and then he realizes he doesn't need them, and he starts running faster and faster, and then nothing can stop him from running. Well, picture that scene with a 5 lbs shaved Shitzu wearing a knitted sweater. And welcome to the funniest part of my day. This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I put them on her. It never gets old. Sure, it's pretty embarrasing walking a dog that has to learn how to walk/run every single time she goes outside (and she falls a lot, which is also funny), but it's certainly a nice way to end my night.
Alright. Over and out.