Hey everyone.
Maybe you already know someone who is a Stella & Dot Stylist.
Maybe when you hear the word, "accesories" you think of fancy stuff to add to your car.
Maybe you've already done ALL of your Christmas, Birthday, and other gift shopping until 2016.
If this is the case, ignore the post.
But, if you need a little something for someone special, and you're not sure what, please feel free to check out my Stella & Dot page.
I'm not sure how long I'll keep this page up, it's free for now and I'm not sure if I'm ready to make the ($12/month) investement...but until then, here's the link.
Also, I'm not interested in making any profit from this, honestly I just joined because I needed accesories for work and I liked their stuff. So, if you buy something and you'd akin to a specific charity, drop me a line, otherwise, I'll find a charity to make a donation to with any sales that I make.
Thanks and check it out!!


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