After spending the last two days at a Cuban resort (which will happen every time that he comes home), Louis got on a plane this afternoon and will be home tonight.
So looking forward!!! Things are insane at work or else I'd pick him up at the airport....but he'll meet me at home while I'm half asleep.
More exciting news (kind of) is that our office is shutting down between Christmas and New Years. It kinda sucks because my paycheque will be really small (I'm on contractor status for the first six months), but on the plus side, I'll be away from work for 11 consecutive days AND get to hang out with my man.
I'm kinda bummed because we have to share the girls...and they probably won't come over to our place until the 20th and we'll see bits and peices of them...but I guess their teenagers/young adults and I should be happy for the time that they are around...but honestly, and this caught me off guard, but I really, really love them...and I miss having them around. I don't expect them to come live with their step-mom while their dad is out of town, but I'm going to have to figure something out where we go for breakfast or something every second week...cause I'm just really, really missing them. I've talked to Louis about it a few times...I guess it's not easy from even a parent to go through the "growing up process"...but I've had them in my lives for the last 8 months 50% of the time...and I'm finding it a big adjustment to go to 25% or less. Whatever. I'll adjust to it. We'll figure it out. I'm finding that out a lot lately. Things generally figure themselves out. One way or another.

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