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Weekend in Vermont

This weekend I went to Vermont. 

That sounds kind of funny. I live really close to the US border and I decided last weekend to head there. Firstly, because there’s a Trader Joe’s and if you’ve ever shopped at Trader Joe’s, you’ll understand why I would drive two hours and into a different country to visit, what is basically, a grocery store. But it’s an amazing health food, organic, grass-fed, everything store, PLUS incredibly creative junk food ideas. 

Trader Joes's is also the only store in the world that sells this one kind of toffee that Louis adores, and since he’s celebrating a milestone birthday, I kinda want to spoil him.

Last week when I took Maggie to the vet, I asked for a copy of all her immunizations and a report that would clear her for crossing the border. Saturday around lunchtime, I packed up our stuff in the old Civic and we set onward to the US. Maggie travels very well in a car and well, I didn’t want to go alone. 

In the end, it would probably have been better had…

Rando Update II

It seems like it's been a long time since I've written any updates. I think it's because the first week back to work was super tough (also was the same week that Louis left for Cuba), it ended up with me crying in my car with a ticket because I didn't properly stop at a stop sign. I cried after the policeman left…but I have this amazing makeup spray that I put on before I leave and even after a MEGA cry, a sprint to the train I got through Friday looking like nothing was wrong. I was happy to call it a week…..I'm still adjusting to life in Montreal. I keep saying I commute an hour each way, but door to door, it's three hours and forty two minutes every day. Wow. The weird thing is, this is pretty much seen as normal. AND, it could be MUCH worse. Right now, I drive to the train station, do my morning meditation and sleep on the train, walk 1.3 km (uphill, on the ice/snow), then I'm at work. I kinda wish I didn't do that calculation….because I kept tellin…


Oh 2014. You were by far one of my most challenging years. I started off sick in bed, then went to Cuba with my BFF and came back to reconcile with Louis. I watched my grandfather become more & more ill. I moved across Canada to start again. 

It hasn't been an easy year for us. We were both unemployed for seven months, I went through a very dark depression (that I rarely write about publicly, but I'd really like to one day because I would love to save someone from going through the same medical mistakes that I went through because we didn't know how to get the proper medical care. It's really a lot more complex than one would think). Thankfully, after coming out of my dark place, I found a pretty cool job. It's only been two months but I think things are going well and can only get better. 

Louis is working away from home, something that I struggled with a lot the first week but managed to adapt to the second week pretty well. I'm not saying it's perfect,…