Weekend in Vermont

This weekend I went to Vermont. 

That sounds kind of funny. I live really close to the US border and I decided last weekend to head there. Firstly, because there’s a Trader Joe’s and if you’ve ever shopped at Trader Joe’s, you’ll understand why I would drive two hours and into a different country to visit, what is basically, a grocery store. But it’s an amazing health food, organic, grass-fed, everything store, PLUS incredibly creative junk food ideas. 

Trader Joes's is also the only store in the world that sells this one kind of toffee that Louis adores, and since he’s celebrating a milestone birthday, I kinda want to spoil him.


Last week when I took Maggie to the vet, I asked for a copy of all her immunizations and a report that would clear her for crossing the border. Saturday around lunchtime, I packed up our stuff in the old Civic and we set onward to the US. Maggie travels very well in a car and well, I didn’t want to go alone. 

In the end, it would probably have been better had I been alone, I could have stayed at a nicer hotel, I could have done more shopping and more walking around (it ended up being very cold on Sunday), but, she was good company. It’s weird I used to travel alone ALL THE TIME back in the day, but now I kind of shy away from it. I also gave myself a goal to do something fun every Saturday, even if it’s by myself (I’m making friends but it’s a slow process), and I haven’t been sticking to that goal. I was kind of nervous to drive to Vermont, in the mountains, in the winter, solo…but I’m super glad I went and it inspired me to sign up for other weekend activities. 


Vermont is absolutely beautiful. I didn’t take very many pictures, unfortunately. But I will certainly be going back and I will certainly be bringing my nice camera. The mountains, Lake Champlain…it’s all just too gorgeous! 



The hotel was kind of gross…Maggie kept finding crap on the floor, like peanuts, unchewed gum, 

and mystery pieces and I’d have to shove my hand down her trap to get it out…and we were on the “dog wing” of the hotel, so it was pretty noisy. 

But I think she appreciated the adventure because as soon as we came home, she passed out on the floor.

We walked a bit on Sunday next to the lake, of leash, and she took off to do her own exploring. Maggie is a very nervous dog. She is quite obedient and asks for permission to enter her cage (we did not teach her this). BUT last week was her first week of me using a professional dog service. The dog walker comes to my house, picks her up, and goes and takes her for about an hour walk, of course with her full winter getup on (jacket and booties). Well the dog walker sent me a video of the walk and I still can’t stop watching it. There is the dog walker, with about 8 leashes attached to her, and attached to the 8 leashes are 7 dogs about 70lbs or more, and 1 little mutt dog, all decked out, walking just as fast as the big dogs…in fact leading the pact. Since her 2 dog walking experiences, she is a wild animal. Jumping out of the car in the parking lot of Trader Joe’s – with 5 people helping me catch her for a good ten minutes, running like a wild beast when I walk her off leash, and wanting to play NON STOP. Obviously, she needed this exercise because I’ve never seen her so happy.

All of that to say that when I take her on walks now, I have to be careful because she is brave and doesn’t stay close to me like before. She is suddenly Explorer Maggie, fearful of nothing, conquering all. But she’s not smart….so eventually during our walk on Sunday I had to put her on the leash, because I was scared that she would run onto the ice of the half-frozen lake. Unfortunately, I forgot her leash, so I took off two of my bra straps and tied them together. Worked pretty good…until people came close and could see that I was walking my dog with my bra…


Anyway, I could easily change the name of my blog to, “A girl and her step-daughter’s dog” because, until I make more human friends, she’s kinda the one I spend the most time with. 


Speaking of making friends, the “lunch crew” that I sit with is actually made up of some fun people and I’m slowly getting into the group. I’m still a bit shy, but I also don’t want to have a sign on my back that reads, “AM LOOKING FOR FRIENDS”. 


I’ve also joined the Running Room/Coins Des Courreurs, so every Monday I meet up with the same group of people for a weekly run. I could also come out on Wednesdays and Sundays, but I’m doing other training, so for now, I’ll just stick with the one day. It’s also hard to get motivated to go outside and run….and I don’t think I could motivate myself to freeze my ass off more than once a week. 

I already freeze my ass off on the walk to/from the train station/work every day… 


Speaking of the commute, I now have to set my alarm for the mornings before my stop and in the evenings before my stop. I sleep SO soundly that I have stopped waking up. I’ve always been able to sleep on planes, etc, so it doesn’t surprise me that I sleep so well (in fact, it makes me very, very happy because I wake up at 05h10 and I hate it so very much), but it’s beginning to be a bit of an embarrassment. Today a lady had to shake my leg to wake me up! I’m sure that I’ve snored or slept-talked as well. 


Well that’s all for now. Louis is enjoying the +20*C something weather in Cuba until he comes home this Friday night!

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